Recipes against sore throats

Recipes against sore throats

Recipe 1

With a sore throat at the beginning of the disease, a warm, alkaline solution of a dessert spoon of baking soda to a glass of water 4-5 times a day, as well as drinking warm milk (which can be diluted with Borjomi mineral water without gas) or fresh onion juice one teaspoonful each -4 times inside.

Recipe 2

It is recommended to apply a warm bandage or a compress to the neck. A solution for it can serve as a teaspoon of vinegar, diluted with 0.5 liters of water, warmed vegetable oil, vodka, diluted half alcohol, and warm water. Compress the wrapped neck with a moistened (one of these solutions) and wring out the fabric (linen cloth), put waxed paper on top of it, then layer a cotton wool (a soft woolen scarf) and fasten with a bandage or a scarf. The duration of the compress is up to two hours.

Recipe 3

For inhalations, you can use potatoes (it is better to take small ones with sprouts and even cartilage cleaning). It should be thoroughly washed and boiled in a small amount of water, so that the steam comes from the potatoes, and not from water until the appearance of a typical potato smell (you can add two tablets validol). Covering yourself with your head, bend over the pan so that the steam gets on your face, “inhale it with your nose and mouth for 10-15 minutes.” After inhalation, you must immediately go to bed, so as not to “get along.” If inflammatory processes occur particularly quickly, inhalation can be done in the morning and in the evening.

Recipe 4

In folk medicine, cold sometimes uses hot water (three parts), diluted with purified (filtered through blotting paper, cotton wool) kerosene (one part). The resulting mixture is thoroughly shaken and used to rinse the throat in the morning and evening. You can lubricate the tonsils with purified (light) kerosene 5 times a day for two days.

Recipe 5

When cold, use tincture of calendula flowers on 70-degree alcohol in a glass of water and use to rinse the throat every 1.5 hours with an acute process, and with a drop in temperature – after three hours. Prepared in this way tincture of calendula has a harmful effect on staphylococci.

Recipe 6

To soften the inflammation of the throat, it is good to pour out warm milk, cream or tea with butter several times a day.

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Recipes against sore throats