Honey kvas

Honey kvas

Kvass (bread, berry, honey, etc.) – a favorite drink in our country. Even before the formation of Kievan Rus, the art of cooking different kvass was owned by the Eastern Slavs.

Honey kvass (honey) is distinguished by good taste qualities, they are useful for the human body.

Kvasses quickly quench thirst, excellent influence on the normal course of digestion, metabolism, are useful for convalescent and suffering anemia (anemia), chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis with low acidity, colitis with sluggish peristalsis, etc.). The technology of preparation of honey kvass differs from the preparation of bread kvas by the fact that as a raw material for the preparation of a must take natural honey.

For the preparation of honey kvass it is necessary to have: natural honey, hops, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, violet root, ginger, vanilla, mint, cranberries, juniper berries, raspberries, cherries, currants and other berries, fruits, rose petals, lemons, oranges, raisins, yeast – wine or kvass (pure culture of race M-kvass-5 in a dose of 10 granules per bottle).

The manufacture of kvass begins with the preparation of wort. If honey honey is used to make the wort, honeycombs (wax) float to the surface of slightly boiling water, and they are extracted with a noise. When boiling the centrifugal honey, the resulting foam should be removed. The most fragrant and delicious wort is staked, i. e. not boiled with water.

However, honey kvass from such a wort quickly turns sour, than kvas, cooked on boiled wort. To prepare the wort honey diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 6 and flavored with seasonings. Honey can not be diluted with water, and blended with juices of berries and fruits. Honey with water, seasonings, berry and fruit juices is immediately fermented after mixing, and the wort for boiled honey kvass is boiled for 2-4 hours, i. e., until it becomes

light. Then it is cooled and fermented.

When the wort is prepared with hops, then it is put for 15-25 minutes before the boiling ceases. The prepared wort is fermented through a cloth prior to fermentation. Natural juices are added after boiling and cooling the honey. You can ferment honey with yeast and yeast-free methods. With the yeast method, wort yeast (with raisins) of pure culture or diluted in the wort is added. In the case of a yeast-free fermentation, the must with juices of berries and fruits is fermented with leavened yeast and left open. The beginning of fermentation is the appearance on the surface of the wort of a white foam, which then becomes bubbly. The disappearance of foam is the end of the main or principal fermentation.

Young honey kvass is closed and put on a glacier or in a cold cellar for slow after-fermentation and maturation for 1-2 months or more. Long fermentation of honey kvass at a low temperature makes it more tasty, fragrant, transparent and resistant. It is not recommended to raise the temperature of the wand above 12-15 њ. To bring kvass to full availability (after-fermentation and maturation) is better at a temperature of 2-4 њ, as in these conditions there are no by-products that reduce the high quality of kvass.

The difference between the preparation of yeast and non-yeast honey quas is that before wiring the wort or pure yeast pure cultures (100 g for 18-20 liters of wort) is set before the main fermentation. That is why the fermentation of the mash takes 1-3 days, the after-fermentation – 2-4 weeks, aging – 1 -2 months. After filling bottles, honey kvass is stored for more than two weeks. It should be remembered that yeast kvass is less stable than unleavened kvass. Lightening of the wort is done after digestion and maturation; then kvass is filtered through a cloth. To clarify honey kvass it is possible with egg white (egg white protein for 3-5 liters of kvass) or fish glue (1 g per 5 l of kvass).

Pour kvass into bottles of champagne better, and tie the bottled bottles with wire. This is done 3-8 weeks after the beginning of the preparation of ice kvass. Bottles with honey kvass are stored in a lying position on ice or in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. Withstand honey honey in the cold for at least 3 – 4 months, and during this time it is clarified without gluing, that is, without the use of egg white or fish glue.

White honey kvass. For 4 kg of honey is required: hops – 100 g, violet root – 6 grams, cardamom grains – two-three, water-25 l. The yield of honey kvass is 25 liters.

Red honey kvass.

For 4 kg of honey – hop 100 g, violet root – 6 grams, cardamom grains – two or three, burnt sugar – a teaspoon, water -25 liters. The yield of honey kvass is 25 liters.

Simple honey kvass. For 4 kg of honey – hop 200 g, yeast -200 g, water -15 l. The yield of honey kvass is 15 liters.

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Honey kvas