Recipes of drinks with honey

Beer honey swindle

Beer contains water, alcohol, extractives, acids and carbon dioxide. The contents of the extract (maltose, glucose, dextrins, pectin, nitrogenous and other substances) – from 4 to 10%, alcohol – from 2.8 to 6%. Prepare beer

Potato juice with honey

Very useful in diabetes, peptic ulcer, hypertension, kidney and liver diseases. But the main thing – with its help you can treat cancer. This is due to the fact that potato juice contains many tonic

Tomato juice with honey

For the latest data, tomato juice reduces arterial and intraocular pressure, so it is recommended for hypertension and glaucoma. High content of iron, the presence of folic acid, some trace elements makes it possible to

Gogol-mogol with honey

Recipe 1 Egg, 2 cups of cold milk, 6 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of lemon or orange juice mix and knock down until smooth. Serve very chilled. Recipe 2 The beaten egg is mixed

Honey kvas

Kvass (bread, berry, honey, etc.) – a favorite drink in our country. Even before the formation of Kievan Rus, the art of cooking different kvass was owned by the Eastern Slavs. Honey kvass (honey) is

Celery juice with honey

Potassium salts, which are contained in the celery juice, favorably affect the cardiovascular system, magnesium salts – on the nervous system, iron salts – on the processes of blood formation. Juice improves water-salt metabolism, acts

Parsnip and honey juice

This is a wonderful remedy for angina pectoris, neuroses with spasms, carpio neuroses, as well as spasms of the digestive tract, bile ducts, kidneys, ureters, and impotence. Juice of parsnip is added to other juices,

How to cook Ural kvass with horseradish and honey

Rye biscuits pour boiling water, cover the dishes with a linen napkin, insist throughout the day, strain through a sieve or gauze. Raisins boil in a small amount of bread infusion, add sugar. Infusion and

Honey juices from medicinal berries and plants

Barberry juice. The alkaloid serotonin, which is contained in barberry juice, will play an important role in the activity of the central nervous system: it positively affects the emotional state of a person, regulates body

Pumpkin juice with honey

The pumpkin contains many pectin substances, fiber, which favorably affect the motor function of the colon, prevent constipation, and also promote the removal of cholesterol from the body. Through a low energy value, pumpkin dishes

Latvian honey kvass

Put honey in boiling water and stir well. When the liquid has cooled to 20 њ C, add the yeast, lemon juice or citric acid, and leave to stand for 10-12 hours. Cool and pour

Milk and fruit drinks with honey

Recipe 1 A glass of yoghourt, 2 cups of fresh milk, 3 tablespoons of honey and sour cream, 150 ml of strawberry or raspberry juice (you can do without sour cream). Recipe 2 Two glasses

Home-made wine

Scientists believe that the opportunity to produce weak alcoholic beverages from honey, fruit juices, grape berries, etc. emerged over 8 thousand years to our era. In the old days, wine was produced in the 16th

Cabbage juice with honey

The juice of cabbage has long been used for medicinal purposes. The ancient Romans believed that this juice provides the strength of the body, resistance to various diseases, removes insomnia, calms the headache. It is

Honey kvass from rye malt

In the malt, add rye flour and knead in chilled water. The dough is well stirred, so that there are no lumps, transferred to enameled utensils and placed on a day in a well-heated oven