Honey dried kvass

Honey dried kvass

Well brown rusks (rye) pour warm water and put on a day in a warm place. On the other day, add the dried water to another dish and add honey (twice as much as biscuits for biscuit), add yeast diluted with kvass, stir, cover and warm. When the yeast floats up, remove them, and carefully pour the kvass from the bottle, plug it and put it in a cold place.

For 10 liters of water, 1 kg of biscuits, 0.5 kg of honey, 40 g of yeast.

Recipe 2

Kvass honey “Vishnyak”.

In glassware (a 20-liter liter bottle), fill 5 kg of cherries, add 2 kg of honey, 5-6 liters of boiled water. The bottle is closed with a cotton stopper. After the end of the raging fermentation (two weeks later), the wort is decanted and closed in bottles, which are retained in a cool place (1-14 њ C) for curing 10-12 days.

Recipe 3

Kultenis with honey (kvas in Latvian).

From rye flour and coarse boiled water cook a rare dough, knock it down until it becomes homogeneous, light, foamy. Dilute the dough with warm boiled water, so that the liquid is a little mucous, add the knocked-down sour milk, yeast, sugar or honey.

Put on for 10-12 hours in a warm place for fermentation. Ready kvass strain, put in the cold.

On 7 liters of kvass, 500 g of rye flour, 6 liters of water, 1 liter of sour milk, 50 g of yeast, 400 g of sugar or 300 g of honey.

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Honey dried kvass