Home-made wine

Home made wine

Scientists believe that the opportunity to produce weak alcoholic beverages from honey, fruit juices, grape berries, etc. emerged over 8 thousand years to our era.

In the old days, wine was produced in the 16th century. Science today does not give an unambiguous answer to the question whether there is a product harmful to the body, such as an alcoholic beverage. Obviously, everything depends on the level of culture and upbringing of a person, as well as the quality of the consumed product. It is known that alcohol in small doses and weak concentrations acts as a stimulant.

Among a large number of alcoholic beverages, I would like to draw attention to light grape wines made through the usual fermentation process. The technology of home-made wine is interesting and simple. And he who comes to admire this matter, will become a true connoisseur of the divine drink.

My hobby for winemaking came late, although with general technology was familiar for the kind of work. The main components are grape juice and alcohol, although in Europe, as is known, wine, cognacs without alcohol additives are made.

I had to visit a well-known Austrian wine grower, a scientist of world renown Lenz Mozer. There I recorded my observations. Wine made at home by its technology, is stored for more than two years (in a room where the temperature does not exceed + 4 њ C).

For the production of wine you need a chopper, press and capacity.

Something about the general requirements. Berries should be healthy, ripe, as sweet as possible (sugar content is 15-30%). If the sugar content is much lower, it is necessary to add fresh grape juice in time to the wort that wanders, and not allow acetic fermentation.

Containers can be enamelled, stainless steel, wood, clay, glass. Glassware is considered to be practical, since it is easy to watch it during fermentation.

Berries need to be ground,

since otherwise there will be a small yield of wort (separation of crests and seeds – at the master’s discretion). Continuous infusion of crests and seeds (7-15 days) gives tartness, bitterness and a specific flavor. The chopper can be a meat grinder, a press. Shredded berries mixed with juice (meszoy) and insist for 3-7 days. Then squeeze the press, the juice, which began to wander, poured into a bowl and put on further fermentation.

Fermentation is a critical period. You have to be careful to stop this process in time, just not to lose alcohol and sugar. For example, I give the guilt until the siege falls. And although the wine material is still muddy, I pour it at the bottle. The duration of fermentation can be 15-20 days (during this time it is necessary to do 4-5 transfusions). When there is almost no sludge, I spill the wine.

If the fermentation process is prolonged, it can be slowed down or stopped altogether by putting a container in running water, a cellar, in the length, into a shade or overflow into a chilled dish. Young wine is poured for storage under the lid, if only the least amount of air comes to it, and if it does not tear off the lid, pierce the hole with a needle and make a water lock.

If there is a fly in the wine that causes acetic fermentation, it must be destroyed and the room treated with dichlorvos.

Preserve grape wine best at a temperature of 0 … 4. њ But it’s okay when it reaches 10 њ Frost.

To successfully master micro-winemaking, you must have a journal-journal and keep records in it, which will make it possible to avoid mistakes and prompt new methods and technologies.

Keep in a cool basement, refrigerator. To improve the quality of wine, add sugar.

To make wine in an oak barrel, it is soaked for 10 days with clean water, changing daily. After soaking new barrels are poured with boiling water with calcium soda (25 grams per bucket of water). Then the water is drained and the barrel is washed thoroughly.

A soaked barrel one day before filling should be smoked with sulfur to prevent extraneous fermentation. To do this, 15-20 g of pure sulfur are placed in a cup with a diameter of 2 cm, fixed on a wire 50-60 cm long. The sulfur is ignited, through a tongue-and-groove hole, it is lowered into a barrel and kept to complete combustion.

Grape Dry

Take 10 kg of grapes per 10-liter bottle.

Grind the fruits in a colander over the enamel bucket. The juice is poured into a balloon and placed for fermentation in a warm place with a temperature of 25-20 њ C for 2-3 days, with or without refuse. In the first case, the wine comes out more aromatic, but tart, in the second – less aromatic. On the 6th-7th day the juice is squeezed off from the scraps, drained and put the water seal for fermentation for 12-20 days. After the lightening, the wine is drained, the water seal is again installed and placed in a cold place (8 … 120 њ C) for 2-2,5 months before settling small crystals on the cylinder walls. Acidity sharply decreases, the wine itself brightens and becomes transparent.

Pour out at the bottle with a small air-cork and clog.

Wine therapy

Wine therapy has a long tradition and even now some doctors attribute a glass of good red wine to patients to strengthen the body. It also “goes” to the chapter, but otherwise: the mind becomes light, the body comes to life, the spirit grows stronger. Medicine says that wine has a beneficial effect on digestive functions, adds appetite, improves blood circulation and processes of blood formation (especially red). White reduces blood pressure and improves kidney function. It is important here that the territory from which the grapes were taken, the prescription of wine, the mode of production, etc.

The life-giving power of good wine depends primarily on the composition of the soil on which grapes are grown. It should be rich in mineral salts.

The best and most refined wines are grape. They are the richest in mineral substances. Half a glass of such a drink on a holiday and at solemn events will not hurt. It is necessary to respect the traditions of the people. But in moderation, with the mind.

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Home-made wine