Latvian honey kvass

Latvian honey kvass

Put honey in boiling water and stir well. When the liquid has cooled to 20 њ C, add the yeast, lemon juice or citric acid, and leave to stand for 10-12 hours. Cool and pour into bottles, cork. 5 liters of water is required: honey – 800 g, yeast – 25 g, lemon – 2 pcs.

Recipe 2

Honey kvass in a different manner.

For 5 liters of the drink – 800 g of honey, 200 g of lemon, 25 g of yeast and 5 liters of water.

Honey pour boiling water, stir and leave to cool to room temperature. Then add the yeast, diluted with warm boiled water, crushed lemons, cover the dishes with a lid and put in a warm place (for fermentation, a temperature of 20-25 њ C is needed) for 6-10 hours. Discard the kvass and drain it. To use it it is necessary within two-three days (at longer storage the drink loses taste, becomes acidic).

Recipe 3

Moldovan honey drink.

In a white dry wine put honey, citric acid and bring to a boil. Then cool, add slices of edible ice and mix with carbonated water. The portion required: wine – 70 grams, honey – 30, citric acid – 1, water soda – 80, ice food – 20 g.

Recipe 4

Bread kvass with honey and horseradish.

The root of the horseradish is set with fine shavings. Honey warm and mix with the remaining portion of kvass. In kvass, seasoned with honey, put shavings of horseradish and put on the day in the refrigerator. After a day, drain the drink, it is ready for use. A liter of kvass requires honey – 25 grams, horseradish – 5 grams.

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Latvian honey kvass