Sopka for controlling weeds in the apiary

Sopka for controlling weeds in the apiary

This hoe will be useful, to everyone who has a household plot. It has a simple design and a rather awkward manufacturing technology.

The hood consists of brackets 1, at one end of which there is a fixed yoke 2 with a handle 3, and on the second – a knife 6. The handle is attached with a screw 4.

Between the knife and the second end of the bracket is fixed to the brackets plate 5, to which the knife is attached with a screw 7.

The yoke is cylindrical. It is made from two parts, which in cross-section are in the form of semi-rings. In the plane of disengagement of the clamp, the brackets installed at an angle of 2-5 њ with respect to its longitudinal axis and connected by welded seams 8, with the same seams attached to the plate, the lower ends of the brackets.

The plate fins 10, attached to it by the weld seams 11, are positioned so that the upper edge of the knife 6 touches their lower ends. They are located on the opposite side of the brackets and are connected to them.

The handle is securely fixed in the hole of the cylindrical yoke, thanks to the bracket and screw installed at an angle of 2-5 њ.

This hood design is simple and technological, it can easily be repaired. To manufacture the knife, relatively little expensive steel is used, it can be easily minted; other parts are inexpensive metal.

Sharp knife during transportation and storage is removed. This is especially convenient in a bus, train, tram, where, as a rule, many people and a normal sapka cause certain inconveniences. The proposed sash is openwork, but strong and durable.

While working, they keep their hands on the wooden handle, with which the knife rotates in all necessary directions.

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Sopka for controlling weeds in the apiary