Fish soup in marching conditions

Fish soup in marching conditions

Probably, every fisherman would like to be able to cook smoked fish himself. Especially in marching conditions, when caught fish should be urgently processed. For this purpose, a simple small smokehouse was made.

In Fig. 1 the appearance of this smokehouse. Frame base and cover made of stainless steel 0.5-0.8 mm thick. In Fig. 2 shows how to cut the material. The steel should be bent by 90 њ, and weld the side seams.

Fish soup in marching conditions

It is not necessary for the lid to be closed hermetically, but it must fit snugly. Four pieces of tube for fastening the legs are welded to the base (see Figure 1). The handle should be of non-flammable material and attached to the lid. The height of the legs is close to 250 mm, they are made of wire with a diameter of 6 mm.

In the box of the smokehouse, at an altitude of 40-50 cm from the bottom, a wire mesh with an eye size of 20-25 mm is installed. In addition to it, you need a grill to fold the fish.

For the smock, the bottom is covered with a layer of slivers: 2 parts beech and 1 part alder, it is kept in a cellophane bag dry.

I cook fish. First I cleanse of the scales, then I remove the insides and wash, the head is not cut off. At home I rub the fish with salt and leave for a few hours in the bottom of the refrigerator. In the field I try to find a cool place for this. Fish in a smokehouse I expose upward belly so that it does not affect one another.

Further I spread a fire. The flame should cover the entire smokehouse, which I place on the legs in the middle of the fire. All the time it should be closed. When the juice begins to drip from the fish, you will hear a hiss, which means that it started to smell. The whole process lasts from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the fish.

When the smokehouse cools down, I carefully scrape the remains of the chips, washing it, and fold it into a specially sewn canvas cover.

I consider that with the help of my smokehouse it is possible to make different smoked products, both from freshwater and sea fish.

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Fish soup in marching conditions