Economical Heater

Economical Heater

The heater, which offers, will help to warm up with small material costs and without effort to prepare firewood. It can be manufactured by taking as a basis a three-fluid kerosene (for example, K3-0-01).

The 100x110x600 mm fire tube with five partitions (8) measuring 75×110 mm is made of 1 mm thick aluminum sheet. A cover (5) of 200×210 mm size is welded to the top of the flame tube (it is possible to make a round cover with a diameter of 200 mm with a smoke nozzle (2) 50 mm in diameter, on which a removable chimney (1) is installed) .The lower part of the flame tube is welded to the burner 10) kerosene (11).

To prevent accidental contact with the hot flame tube, a removable guard (6) is made of twelve rods 4 mm in diameter and 650 mm long, which are installed around the perimeter of the burner in steps of 50 mm.

The upper ends of the rods are inserted into holes with a diameter of 5 mm in the cover of the flame tube, and the lower ends into the corresponding holes in the burner.

To ensure a stable position of the stove to the flame tube, brackets (7) are welded to fix it to the wall.

The chimney is led out through a hole in the ceiling or into the window, and the gap in the hole is filled with asbestos and covered from the outside and from the inside by two flanges (3).

One refueling kerosene tank (2 liters) is enough for moderate heating for a day of work miracle – stove (two or three nights). On the miracle – the stove can dry mushrooms, stringing them on the removable fence rods.

When operating a miracle oven, it is necessary, of course, to follow the rules of fire safety.

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Economical Heater