Healing Health Recipes with Honey

Healing Health Recipes with Honey

Recipe 1

With bronchitis, respiratory diseases.

With green walnuts (for ripeness such as take for jam), fill the container, pour over the vodka. Hold for 40 days in the sun. Drink 1 teaspoonful 3-4 times a day. Children give a day to 1 teaspoon in warm tea with Honey . Store in a dark, cool place.

Recipe 2

In the inflammatory processes of female genital organs.

Coarse flour (if not, then ordinary) knead with 1-2 tablespoons of honey and apple cider vinegar (how much will it take) to make a flat cake.

Compress put at night and during the day to keep a minimum for two hours. If possible, then it’s good to put a new one for a day during the day. Cake set on a cleanly washed body, then covered with gauze, parchment and something warm wrap. But this is only if there are no oncological diseases. In the case of oncology, add the seed of nettle (in proportion to the flour one to one) and cover with gauze alone, by strengthening the bandage with a bandage.

Recipe 3

With mastopathy.

Include a salad of sea kale, grated beets, ground garlic, half a glass of ground walnut kernels, seasoned with vegetable oil and lemon juice (or vinegar).

Recipe 4

For the prevention of cancer.

Cut dried apricots and figs, raisins (preliminarily for an hour soaked in cold water), ground kernels of walnuts (all components in a 1: 1 ratio), 1-2 lemon, cut with skin, put in a bottle or jar and pour honey. If honey is thick, the shredded foods must be mixed with honey beforehand. Eat this delicious and healthy dessert by watering with kefir.

Young tender nettles in a clean place to collect at sunrise.

Hold the hour in cold water, cut it, pound it in a wooden or porcelain mortar, and combine it with pounded young garlic (determine its quantity according to taste and, most importantly, according to the state of your stomach).


chopped spinach, sorrel (in a ratio of 1: 1 with nettle), dill, parsley, boiled eggs, season with any vegetable oil and lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar).

Recipe 5

With sand in the kidneys.

1 kilogram of fresh parsley with roots and one large celery root finely chopped, add 1 kg of natural honey and 1 liter of water; bring to a boil over low heat, stirring. Insist for three days. Add another 1 liter of water, again bring to a boil; strain without allowing the mixture to cool. The resulting syrup take three tablespoons before eating.

Recipe 6

With asthma.

100 g of pink petals, 500 g grated grated pumpkin, 5 sheets of plantain, finely chopped, two tablespoons of honey, 1 liter of dry red wine. Bring to a boil, but do not boil. Insist a day. Strain. Drink a tablespoon five times a day.

Recipe 7

With purulent wounds, boils.

To a purulent wound for 2 hours, fresh (unsalted) home-made cheese is applied. The procedure is repeated twice a day. With furuncles, a bandage with homemade cheese is left overnight.

Recipe 8

With eczema (external).

200 g of rose hips, 100 g of dried nettle, green shell of two walnuts cook 10 minutes in 0.5 liters of water. Insist a day. Strain. Mix two tablespoons of tincture with fresh cottage cheese and honey bee (50 g of cottage cheese per 50 g of honey). The resulting balm to keep on the affected places for twenty minutes three times a day.

Recipe 9

With swelling of the extremities.

Peel the potatoes from the peel, grate it and hold for 20 minutes in swollen places, tightly wrapping on top with sackcloth or other rough cloth.

Recipe 10

With radiculitis.

Fruits of wild chestnuts to the top fill a bottle or jar, pour vodka, close tightly. The first 3 days to keep in the sun. Insist 40 days. Rub the tincture into the skin.

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Healing Health Recipes with Honey