Honey bees are useful insects

Honey bees are useful insects

Perhaps you will not meet a village or a farm, wherever bees are kept. You look, near the house in a small garden in a row there are colorful hives, pieces 5-6, and even a dozen and a half. Over the apiary there is a thick, even and even solemn ringing. In different directions hastily and noisily fly away one bee and heavily, quietly, loaded with nectar and pollen return home to others. And the garden in this bee whirl appears to be joyful.

Or when buckwheat blossoms. In the morning, until the dew came down, the bees go to a honey-smelling white field. As if a live airway was laid. They are in a hurry.

On a large beekeeping farm, where a hundred, three hundred, and maybe five hundred hives, it seems that all the air is filled with bees and can not be passed. And beekeepers, as if not noticing anything, calmly do their job.

Of all the insects living on the Earth, and there are about one million species, the bee is one of the most useful for humans. She gives him honey – the most wonderful of the products, healing, nourishing.

In ancient Greece and Rome, it was believed that honey brings wisdom to man.

Bee as sacred animals depicted on the walls of caves, rocks, vessels, bowls, coins, carved on the tombs of noble people, pyramids. They believed that after the death of a person his soul turns into a bee.

In Egypt, the honey bee is a symbol of loyalty, courage and contempt for death. After all, bees, defending their home, never retreat before the danger and do not flee, no matter how formidable their opponent may be.

Almost all the peoples of the Earth have known the medicinal properties of honey since ancient times. In Russian manuscript medical books, many prescriptions of medicines are given, which include bee honey. Not only folk, but also modern scientific medicine uses honey for the treatment of various diseases. Besides honey is after all not

a bitter tablet, and very pleasant medicine both for children, and for adults. He restores strength, mobilizes the body’s defenses.

There are a lot of examples of history when people constantly, at least gradually, used honey, lived long, remained vivacious, did not get sick even in extreme old age. The great doctor of antiquity Hippocrates, who widely used honey in his medical practice, advised him daily to take it for prolongation of life.

And now the statistics confirms: beekeepers live longer than people of other professions, suffer less from illnesses, rarely lose their efficiency.

In our age of rapid technical progress, when many nutritional substances are prepared artificially, natural products created by nature itself are of particular value. Bee honey, according to the Japanese, is the king of natural products.

In addition to honey – the elixir of health and longevity, bees produce wax, which they use as a building material. Not a single laboratory in the world has so far succeeded in artificially obtaining a substance that is equal in composition and properties to beeswax. The secret is owned only by bees.

If honey is liquid gold, then wax is gold bullion. It is not by chance that in the distant past he played the role of money, was a measure in international trade.

Wax is used in radio and electrical engineering, in metallurgical, leather and textile industries, in aircraft construction. As an excellent insulating material, he began to serve in space exploration. It is used in the production of special types of paper. Wax enters into the composition of many medicinal ointments and plasters, all kinds of cosmetic creams.

Wax is a unique material for sculptors: it is easily softened in the hands and staunchly preserves the given form, it does not deteriorate from time to time.

Even in ancient times, people noticed that hunters for wild honey and beekeepers did not suffer from vascular diseases and had excellent health. And this, as it turned out, because they were often stung by bees. Bee venom was an excellent remedy.

Traditional medicine has long used bee stings in the treatment of rheumatic and other diseases associated with colds. The poison of the bee was effective in the treatment of diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It reduces inflammatory processes. It is not by chance that people speak of bees in the people: “Whom they sting, they also complain.” Now bee venom has learned to take away from bees with the help of special devices and to prepare medicines from it.

But that’s not all. Very healthy and such products of vital activity of the honey bee, such as beeswax-propolis, flower pollen, which they collect from plants, royal jelly.

Propolis bees stick in their home from enemies all the cracks, cover their walls, polish honeycomb, glue the frame.

Propolis consists mainly of a greenish sticky resinous substance, which bees are scraped off the buds of birch, poplar, aspen, chestnut. Propolis has the property of killing some harmful microorganisms. It protects bees from many diseases. If a butterfly, a mouse or a lizard gets into a beehive and the bees kill them and cover them with propolis, then their dead bodies are not decomposed.

Propolis has found wide application in modern medicine. It is used for the treatment of wounds, burns, with frostbite, used for pulmonary tuberculosis, tonsillitis, skin diseases, mucous membranes of the mouth.

Flower pollen is called a miracle – a product. Bees collect it from spring to autumn. Pollen, like honey, serves bees as a calorie feed. It is rich in proteins and vitamins. In it there are fats, mineral salts, growth substances, hormones – the secrets of the glands of a flower. Pollen, which bees gatherers enrich with honey, doctors recommend with anemia, exhaustion, weakness.

As you can see, literally everything that comes from bees is useful to a person, helps him to preserve and strengthen health, restore strength, prolong life. The bee is called right winged doctors.

But bees often provide a crop of many plants. Without bees, the meadows and forests would have been depleted, and many representatives of our vegetation might have completely disappeared from the Earth.

Great benefit of these amazing insects for folk, farming. Pollinating plants, they increase their harvest. If the bees do not fly in the blooming garden or are not enough for intensive cross-pollination, then little apples and pears, apricots and plums, gooseberries and raspberries are tied. And these fruits and berries will be small, less sweet, poorly colored, and many – ugly. After all, only when flowers are visited repeatedly by bees, selective pollination is possible, which determines the high quality of the fruit.

The bees are working on a buckwheat or a sunflower field – wait for a rich harvest.

The bees are rightly considered to be the helpers of the farmer. Their role in increasing the yields of buckwheat, sunflower, cotton and fodder grasses can not be overestimated. It is no accident that apiaries can be seen in flowering gardens and in fields near flowering massifs. They are brought here to make the winged toilers easier and faster to fly to the flowers.

Honey bees are a part of living nature, the most useful insects of our planet.

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Honey bees are useful insects