Honey-beet honey

Budykovy honey belongs to first-class honey. It is colorless, greenish, golden (light amber), has a pleasant aroma and taste. During crystallization, it becomes fine-grained. Bees very vigorously collect it from beautiful crimson flowers of a

Raspberry honey

Raspberry honey is light, has a very pleasant aroma, a wonderful taste. The honey from the raspberry is very gentle and it seems to melt in the mouth. This honey bees make nectar flowers of

What is the therapeutic dose of honey?

Although honey does not belong to the group of strong medicinal substances, nevertheless, when treating them, the dose and time of admission are of great importance. Honey is a medicine that adults and children enjoy

Lavender honey

Lavender honey belongs to the category of first-class. This golden honey, which has a delicate aroma, makes bees from the nectar of light blue or bluish-violet flowers of the perennial essential oil plant of lavender.

Sage honey

Sage honey of light amber or dark golden color, has a gentle pleasant aroma, good taste. The bees energetically assemble it from the bluish-violet flowers of the perennial half-shrub of the sage pharmacy, widely bred

Cucumber honey

Cucumber honey bees make of nectar golden yellow flowers, which they diligently visit, collecting light yellow honey. Collecting cucumber nectar bees prefer even buckwheat. Honey of excellent quality.

Sunflower honey

Sunflower honey of golden color, when crystallized, becomes light amber, sometimes even with a greenish tint, has a weak aroma and somewhat tart taste. The bees make it from the nectar of golden-yellow broad-tubular flowers

How to identify fake honey

To honey can be mixed with chalk, sugar, potato and corn flour, etc. To show them, it’s enough to take some honey in some vessel, pour it with distilled water. The impurity will remain at

Pumpkin honey

Pumpkin honey of golden yellow color, pleasant to taste, quickly crystallizes. Bees produce it from the nectar of large golden pumpkin flowers. From a hectare of flowering pumpkins, bees collect 30 kg of good honey.

Use of honey in folk medicine

The healing properties of honey known to man for a long time. Honey as an important healing agent is recommended in the recipes of many ancient medical institutions. It is sung in the annals, bylinks,