Honey after maxillofacial surgery

After some operations, in particular maxillofacial, you have to apply a special diet, it should not only contain a sufficient number of calories for the patient, but also act beneficially on the course and healing

Hematogenous (blood) honey

To create honey, which would include blood, means to get a new food product with a very complex and valuable chemical composition. To accomplish this task, the experimental animals were introduced into the apiary, which

Honey recipes for cough in children

Screaming in the street, he managed to take in his mouth a seductive icicle, sweated from running around and “cooled” on the windowsill … Is there not enough of what a child can catch a

How to use honey

The most common way to use honey is to take it deep. This method is recommended when there is a need to use nutritional and dietary qualities of honey, enzymes, minerals, organic acids, vitamins, etc.

Dandelion honey

Dandelion honey is golden yellow, very thick, viscous, rapidly crystallizing, with a strong smell and a sharp taste. This honey bee is obtained from the nectar of a widely known and common weed-dandelion. Dandelion honey

Maple honey

Maple honey belongs to light varieties, has excellent taste qualities. Bees energetically assemble it from beautiful yellowish-green flowers of a decorative shrub or a maple leaf, found in almost all forests. From a hectare of

Cleaning honey

Bee honey refers to those foods that are consumed without any treatment (thermal or other). In this regard, it is necessary that beekeepers in their work comply with sanitary and hygienic rules. Under the microscope,

Clover honey

Clover honey is colorless, transparent, has high taste qualities, is considered one of the best light varieties of honey. When crystallized, it turns into a solid white mass. This honey contains 34.96% of glucose and

Meadow honey

Meadow honey is golden yellow, sometimes yellow-brown in color, with a pleasant aroma, good in taste. Meadow (“prefabricated”) honey honey bees are made from nectar of various meadow flowers.

Mint honey

Mint honey honey bees make from nectar odorous flowers of perennial essential oil and spicy plants, peppermint. It is widely cultivated and gives abundant collections of high-quality honey. This honey has an amber color, it