Rapeseed honey

Rapeseed honey is whitish, sometimes yellowish, with a pleasant aroma, luscious, very thick, rapidly crystallizes, poorly soluble in water, but with prolonged storage it quickly becomes sour. Bees make such honey from the nectar of

Barberry honey

Barberry honey is golden yellow, fragrant and delicate. Its bees are vigorously processed from the nectar of the flowers of the berry barberry common (shrub height 3 m), which grows in the western, middle and

Therapeutic properties of honey

The main part of honey – glucose is widely used in medicine for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, bleeding (especially gastric), peptic ulcer of various infectious diseases, sepsis. This is the

Cotton honey

Cotton honey is light and only after crystallization it becomes white, has a peculiar aroma and delicate taste. It usually crystallizes rapidly and then becomes almost white and fine-grained. Cotton honey contains 36.19% of glucose

Honey for the treatment of heart disease

With various heart diseases, bee honey has been used for a long time. Avicenna wrote that honey is an excellent remedy for heart disease, and widely recommended that patients take moderate amounts of honey daily

Burdock honey

The mulberry honey has a sharp spicy smell, it is dark olive-colored, very viscous. This honey bees are collected from small dark pink flowers of burdock and burdock. From a hectare of a blooming mug,

Blueberry honey

Blueberry honey of reddish color, has an exceptional aroma, pleasant to the taste. Bees produce honey from the nectar of the well-known low bush semicrubberry. Blooming blueberry is a good honey plant, from which bee

Carrot honey

On the apiary of the strong point of the scientific research station of beekeeping, the author conducted experiments on obtaining carrot honey. The doctor successfully applied carrot juice in the treatment of wounds and proved

Swallow honey

Swallow honey honey bees make from the fragrant nectar of a very valuable melliferous plant of the swallow. It is estimated that from a nectar harvested from a hectare of a blooming swallow, bees produce

Honey recipes from allergies in children

Last time we already started talking about the “illness of the century” – allergies, which, alas, so often affects our kids. One of the most common forms of it is an allergic rhinitis. In the