Properties of honey

Honey has extremely great advantages over other food products: having good taste qualities, it is also a valuable curative and preventive agent. Bee honey is a wonderful gift of nature, in the creation of which

Melissa honey

Melissa honey is beautiful in taste. Bees make it from nectar of light purple or pink flowers with a strong smell of lemon balm, or lemon mint, widely spread in the wild in the Caucasus

Vitaminized honey

Speaking about the fact that bees in their bodies transform artificial nectar into vitamin-medicinal honey. Polyvitaminized honey is a natural bee honey, mechanically enriched with vitamins, highly nutritious, medicinal and other valuable substances. Thus, the

Coniferous honey

Needles are a valuable vitamin concentrate. According to the content of vitamin C, needles are 10 times more active than potatoes and 4 times lemon. In addition, many vitamins A (carotene) and K. are abundant

Honey ware storage

Keep honey recommended in a dry, well ventilated place at a temperature of 5 to 10 C. Experiments have shown that, with considerable air humidity, the weight of honey increases by the amount absorbed by

Facilius honey

Fazelium honey is light green or white, has a delicate aroma and pleasant delicate taste. After crystallization, it resembles a dough. Fazelium honey refers to high-grade honey and is very appreciated at the consumer. Bees

Main properties of honey

The color of honey depends to the greatest extent on what plants honey comes from. Thus, honey from white acacia, linden, sweet clover, alfalfa and clover is light in color, from almost white to pale

Extract honey

Extraordinary honey of white color, fragrant, delicious. This first-class honey honey bees are made from nectar collected from numerous golden-yellow flowers of weeds – sow.

Councils with honey in folk medicine

Aloe (century, Sabur). For medicinal purposes, a thickened leaf juice is used. In folk medicine, the juice of fresh aloe leaves mixed with fat and honey in the following proportions is used in the treatment

Pea honey

Pea honey honey bees are harvested from the flowers of small-leaved peas, which grow in the steppe regions of Siberia. This honey is transparent, has a delicate aroma and taste. In Siberia, bee colonies bring