Healing properties of honey

Healing properties of honey

Many millennia ago primitive man was purely empirically used with a therapeutic purpose by various forces of nature and her gifts. Observance and wisdom of the people gave a lot of value for the development of traditional medicine. Such medicines as foxglove, gorisvet, quinine, opium, atropine, cocaine and others are taken from traditional medicine. Even such an antibiotic, widely used today, like penicillin, has been successfully applied in the form of green mold in folk medicine many decades ago.

The most ancient monument of Egyptian medicine is Ebers’ papyrus “The book of preparation of medicines for all parts of the (human) body,” written more than 3,500 years ago, is devoted to the treatment, prevention of diseases and the preservation of health. In it many lines are devoted to bee honey, its medicinal and preventive properties.

Hippocrates, who lived 2500 years ago, an outstanding scientist, physician, thinker and reformer of ancient medicine, widely and successfully applied beeswax in many diseases and himself used it for food. He rightly pointed out that honey taken with other food is nutritious and gives a good complexion.

The doctor of Central Asia, Ibn Sina (Avicenna), the millennium since the birth of which was noted in 1952, recommended the use of honey for the prolongation of human life and preservation of efficiency in the old age. Avicenna believed that people over the age of 45 years should regularly use honey, especially with crushed walnuts.

In the thirties of the 12th century, a treatise “Alimma” (“Mazi”) was written in Greek, where a lot of lines are devoted to bee honey in the chapter “Food Hygiene”. The author of this original book is the first Russian female doctor Eupraxia, the daughter of Grand Duke Mstislav Vladimirovich and granddaughter of Vladimir Monomakh, nicknamed the people of Goodness.

Kh. M. Loparev, who first discovered this medical treatise in the library of Lorenzo de ‘Medici in Italy, wrote: “At a time when the modern cultural West was still mired in the fog of ignorance, in the halls of regal Byzantium the Russian woman was already seriously thinking about human health, on hygiene, passed on to his offspring his observations… “

In our country, traditional medicine has been and still enjoys great popularity not only among the broad masses of the population, but also among prominent figures in medicine. Traditional medicine was studied by SP Botkin, GA Zakharin, AA Ostroumov, VA Manasein, and others. During the years of Soviet power, a lot of well-functioning remedies were used from the treasury of folk medicine.

Bee honey is an important healing remedy for folk medicine. Since ancient times, honey has been used with a curative purpose for almost all peoples and at all times.

In ancient Russian handwriting clinics dozens of recipes are given, which includes bee honey combined with chamomile, nettle, onion, garlic, parsnip, hop, mustard seeds, poppy seeds, etc. “Honey is the juice from the dew of heaven,” we read. in one of these medical institutions – which bees gather during the good from the flowers of fragrant, and therefore has a lot of power in itself and is suitable to the medicine of many diseases. “

Honey is described as a drug shown for treating people of any age. Honey, as an important medicine, is sung in epics, folk tales, songs. Honey was treated by the first folk doctors-elders, wise with long-term observations. Bylins tell us how these elders healed Ilya of Murom, who was sitting in the village of Karacharov for thirty-three years, and returned to him the power of the heroic, “… letting me drink a cup of honey.” In the Karelo-Finnish folk epic “Kalevala” also many bright lines are dedicated to the high medicinal properties of honey.

Experiments and observations carried out over the past decades show that bee honey has every reason to be considered a medicinal product. Honey has withstood a centuries-old exam, and it is rightfully called a valuable and harmless drug. It gives good results in the treatment of many diseases. The advantage of honey as a medicine is that it feeds the body and heals, can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription (but preferably on his advice) and taken at home, as well as during work, travel, etc.

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Healing properties of honey