Hyssop honey

Hyssop honey in its organoleptic properties refers to first-class specimens. The bees make it from the nectar of the dark-blue flowers of the medicinal and honey-bearing semi-shrub plant of hyssop, found in wild condition in

Lime honey

Lime honey belongs to the best grades. Thanks to an exceptionally pleasant taste, it is highly appreciated. Freshly excreted on a honey extractor, this honey is very fragrant, usually transparent, slightly yellow or greenish in

Decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs with honey

Aloe. 1. Grind 150 grams of scarlet leaves (cut edges with spines), pour 300 g of hot honey (60 њ C) and insist throughout the day. After that, heat, strain and consume 5-10 g before

Orange honey

Orange honey is one of the best varieties of honey. A fragrant, reminiscent of the smell of citrus flowers. Pleasant to the taste. Bees make it from flowers of citrus plants-mandarines, lemons, oranges-growing in Abkhazia,

Healing properties of honey

Many millennia ago primitive man was purely empirically used with a therapeutic purpose by various forces of nature and her gifts. Observance and wisdom of the people gave a lot of value for the development

Antibacterial substances in bee honey

Bee honey, if properly stored, does not deteriorate for a very long time. Archaeological finds in Egypt have shown that honey can retain its taste properties for thousands of years. Do bactericidal properties have new

Sweet-necked honey

Sladkonozhnikovy honey resembles a lime tree and differs from it only in a darker color. Has a strong aroma and good taste. The bees collect it from the flowers of the tree of the sweet-eared,


Med – fine food, a dietary product, its main constituents – fructose and glucose – enter the blood directly, which determines its importance as a dietary product. except for carbohydrates, the composition of honey includes

Ginseng Honey

Chinese medicine has for a long time considered the root of ginseng as a valuable medicine and calls it “a miracle of the world, a gift of immortality.” Ginseng belongs to the Araliev family. In

Determination of the content of honey pads

Equipment and utensils: marching laboratories for determination of admixture of honey paddies, pad determinant, salt cellars with lids, glass sticks (sharpened at one end), chemical test tubes, 10 ml graduated, muffle furnace, desiccator, analytical balance.