Honey recipes for cough in children

Honey recipes for cough in children

Screaming in the street, he managed to take in his mouth a seductive icicle, sweated from running around and “cooled” on the windowsill … Is there not enough of what a child can catch a cold from! And now it is a painful, “barking”, endless… Mom grabs the pills, potions – what to give to quickly recover? Why rush to the pharmacy? Perhaps, we will try the ancient folk remedies, tested for centuries? Here are some of them.

Recipe 1

In the evening, finely chop a large onion, covered with two tablespoons of sugar. By morning the medicine is ready. During the day, give the child to gradually eat a sweet onion along with the juice. If you can not get it, let it at least drink the juice. And so a few days. Improve the notice very soon.

Recipe 2

Another option: squeeze the juice from the onion and mix with honey in a 1: 1 ratio. This remedy helps with coughing, caused not only by a simple cold, but also by bronchitis, whooping cough.

Recipe 3

Calms and softens the cough of “medicine” from radish. Choose a pot-bellied black radish with a tail, cut off the top and hollow out the inside by a third, put a little honey in the indentation, so that there is still room for the juice that stands out. Radish place in a jar or a glass of water in such a way that the tail was dropped into it. After 3-4 hours, when the juice is typed, give the child to drink it and put honey again.

Recipe 4

If the baby has weak lungs, treat the cough with such a means: 2 teaspoons of butter, 2 raw yolks, a dessert spoon of flour or starch and 2 dessert spoons of honey mix well, give four times a day.

Recipe 5

Coughing mostly in the morning? Will help decoction of garlic with molasses or with a thick sugar syrup with the addition of starch, it should be eaten little by little, on an empty stomach, immediately after sleep. And if the cough does not allow to fall asleep in the evening, I recommend drinking a glass of hot water with two or three drops – no more! – iodine tincture.

Recipe 6

If your child often has a cold and coughs for a long time, try to back it up in the spring, giving a medicinal drink: birch juice with milk (2: 1) and a small amount of flour or starch.

Recipe 7

And to finally get rid of the cough, have patience and for a long time, say, from spring to autumn, let the child drink a decoction of herbs: a teaspoon of dry ground grass – nettle, plantain, field horsetail and mallow – 4 cups boiling water, take 4 times the day before eating half the glass.

I did not talk about how to prepare them, I did not talk about how to prepare them, because the rules are the same for everyone: children under 4 years old – a teaspoon 3 times a day, 4 to 10 – a dessert spoon, over 10 on the dining room 3-4 times a day.

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Honey recipes for cough in children