Skin Care in Winter

Skin Care in Winter

When we oppose everything unnatural in all areas of life, against formalism in art, why should one take care of the beauty of the face, resorting to artificial images and various cosmetic means? Or do we need to raise such a standard to the level of some principle and force everyone to obey it? I am an adherent of natural beauty, which meets every age.

In my opinion, cosmetics and aesthetics are incompatible concepts. Only the natural, artificial means can spoil beauty. “Among the many leaves and notes collected from me on cosmetic issues, an old writer wrote interesting thoughts:” I can not agree with those who recommend giving everything in life to its natural course. Thinking this way, you can go to the point of absurdity. Really, when the child falls ill, we must wait until he recovers, without resorting to anyone’s help? When born with some kind of defect, do not you dare do anything, carry your cross.

When you are ugly, nalepi appropriate label, and let all of you shy. It’s so hard to live and probably will not want to live at all. Here to me more than 70 years – and all the same I would like to be the beautiful grandfather, – and I not from that to address to any measures, if only to achieve it. I am a publicist and I want to remind you that Chernyshevsky in the “Aesthetic relations of art to reality” wrote about the class nature of the concept of “beautiful face.” The beauty of the peasant woman, in his opinion, is a manifestation of the blossoming health and balance of forces in the body. For a secular beauty, a characteristic languid and pale face, and for a merchant’s beauty – swollen, with an unhealthy skin color, a hidden thick layer of white. Aesthetic needs also increased. Unless, working in the field,

Is it because of the same reason that the employee does not look after the skin on her hands

and carefully does not lubricate her with cream after work so that she is not rude? The frost and the wind dry the skin much harder than the hottest sun. Therefore, in the morning, wash for an hour before going out.

And when there are frosty frosts, do not wash your face at all, but wipe your face with cotton wool soaked in cosmetic milk. Then diligently drying his face with a towel, abundantly brush his face with a nutritious cream, especially put a thick layer under his eyes. Remember! At temperatures below zero, you can not use a moisturizer. Before the exit, you can lightly powder your face, which also protects against frost.

Prescription 1 Herbal tincture.

After removing the makeup and washing with cool water with mild soap or oatmeal flakes, wipe the skin with a special liquid, which is prepared this way: 1 spoonful of mallow root 1 spoonful of lime color 1 spoon medalized with a glass of cold water and boil for 10 minutes under the lid. Then, make a saucepan from the fire and leave for another 10 minutes to insist. Then decoct the decoction and pour into the bottle. You can use this liquid for several days, storing it in a cold place and stuffing it with a piece of cotton wool.

Recipe 2 Home-made camphor cream.

Before going to bed, rinse your face with cold water and rub a camphor cream that you can make yourself, take: 50 g of unsalted fat 50 grams of camphor oil. Melt the fat for a couple, as it should mix with camphor oil, pour into a clean jar and cool.

Recipe 3 For oily skin.

It is slightly harder to take care of oily skin, often a reddish rash and acne appear on the face. The face should be washed twice a day with cool boiled water with salicylic soap, then wipe in the evening with a decoction of horsetail, which dries the skin. Spoon a tablespoon of horsetail with a glass of cold water and boil for 20 minutes, then filter and the broth is ready. Ears wipe with salicylic alcohol fleece wrapped on a match. In severe frosts under the powder, apply a cream for oily skin.

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Skin Care in Winter