Honey home lotions

Honey home lotions

So, the natural desire of each person to be attractive can be realized when it is clever to use the opportunities that cosmetology gives.

“In our beautiful life everything should be beautiful,” – this is the leitmotif of numerous letters from people.

“I’m 17 years old,” writes one of our many correspondents. “I’m working in a new building.” I’m scared, I’m all covered with dark spots on my forehead, cheeks, upper lip. “Someone laughs – there are such spots only after the birth, I’m a girl, I’m ashamed to go to the club, I left school, I think I’m so unhappy in our happy life, I beg you, if you can, help me.

“Do I need to live?” Writes a twenty-year-old student of a technical school, since at the age of fifteen my face is covered with abscesses, I am mocked, I not only do not go to the cinema or the theater or at companionship parties, and I am ashamed to even go to lectures. , that they look at me like some ugly creature, I can not live in complete solitude, not meet people, do not console myself with all the joy of our wonderful life, and be only an object of ridicule to others. Why should I study when I avoid people and I can not be in a team? I’m waiting for your and help, I hope you will not leave the joy of our life in such a terrible state.

Even such a normal physiological condition, when the hair turns gray or thin, is a source of hard feelings for many. How many smiles and jokes do pedagogues cause in schoolchildren, in which the hair becomes thin or gray?

“I feel,” the teacher writes, “how the disciples are attentively examining my head with the graying and thinning hair, which turns my attention away and prevents me from concentrating.” Every lesson among the observant children is a hard torture for me. “


to cosmetic defects, still need medical help, in many there are still other shortcomings – a big mouth, a long nose, shiny skin. It is possible, with the help of some cosmetics, to mask these shortcomings and make the appearance attractive. That is why, along with the development of medical cosmetics, decorative cosmetics will find its place.

However, often decorative – cosmetics are used to distinguish themselves from others and attract attention. Excessive use of decorative cosmetics, especially when there is no need for these drugs, only spoils the face and puts on it a reflection of vulgarity. Unfortunately, and now you can often see girls with naleplennymi eyelashes, painted eyebrows, densely imposed rouge and powder. The vulgar appearance of such a girl, which causes only disgust, is often answered and her behavior: loud laughter, cheeky speech, mannered gait. What is this beautiful? Every person who has at least a little aesthetic taste, such a girl can cause only a contemptuous smile.

In recent times, it is not easy to find cosmetic products in stores, especially lotions, inexpensive toilet water, nourishing creams. Well, let’s try to weld the “elixir of youth” in our own kitchen.

Here are a few recipes.

How to use home lotions? As well as buying: wipe the skin of the face in the morning and in the evening instead of washing. You can cook at home and a nourishing cosmetic cream of universal effect, which is suitable for both dry and normal skin.

Recipe 1

We spread a tablespoon of butter with a single yolk, a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of gruel from the mulled fruits of mountain ash (or apple, pear, plum, quince, persimmon) until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Apply to the face, after 20-30 minutes, remove the excess with a paper napkin or a soft clean cloth.

Recipe 2

Cooking infusion of camomile flowers: 2 tablespoons brewed a glass of boiling water, we insist 2 hours, filter. We keep the infusion in the refrigerator. To prepare the cream, a teaspoon of the infusion is thoroughly rubbed with a tablespoon of oil.

“Home” cream is advised to use immediately – if stored for more than an hour, it loses its healing qualities.

Recipe 3

Lotion for oily, pimply skin prepared from horsetail, lime-colored and yarrow. One tablespoon of a mixture of dry or well-dried herbs pour 1,5-2 cups of boiling water, we insist 2 hours, filter.

Recipe 4

Do you have sluggish, flabby, wrinkled skin? Mix a tablespoon of chopped green dill or parsley (they can be replaced with a teaspoon of chopped oak bark or sage) with the same amount of lime flowers, and then prepare the lotion, as in the first recipe.

Recipe 5

For skin with dilated capillaries, sensitive, easily irritable, we make a lotion of a more complex composition: on a tablespoon of dry petals of rose, sage, chamomile, mint, finely chopped parsley, plantain, aloe, mix, place in glassware with ground lid. If any of the components is not enough – no problem, do without it. A tablespoon of the mixture is filled with a glass of boiling water, we insist in a warm place for 2 hours, filter. The composition will be more effective if you add in it a citric acid or a tablespoon of any fruit, berry juice.

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Honey home lotions