Nuts with honey

Nuts with honey

Fresh nuts to peel, peel, dry. White honey boil until it turns red. Stir all the while, pour in so many nuts, so that the mass becomes thick. Brew is not very long. Try: If the honey on the spoon will stiffen and keep up with a spoon, just take a spoon nuts, put on a sheet of slides or soaked with water dish, and when the nuts are cool and dry, put them in a jar. Keep in a cool dry place.

Recipe 2

Honey Fjord.

Boil together 2 cups of sugar, 1/3 cup honey, 1/3 cup water until the syrup begins to drag out of the spoon. Pour the syrup onto well-knocked 2 proteins, without stopping the knocking until the mixture begins to crystallize.

Put it in small pieces on greased paper. If desired, you can add vanillin, as soon as the mixture is slightly cooled.

Recipe 3

Hearts with honey.

Mix with 5 parts honey and 1 part very dense cream (after the mass) boil until thick. Pour into a board greased with oil. When it cools down, cut and wrap in parchment paper.

Recipe 4

Nuts in chocolate and honey.

Cook until thickening 150 g of ground walnuts in 4 tablespoons of honey with the juice of one orange, one spoonful of rum and grated zest of one orange. Divide the mass into small balls and roll them in chopped chocolate.

Recipe 5

Teiga with honey.

For 3 eggs take so much flour to make a dough. Add 1/4 cup of sugar, stir well. Roll out the dough, make small balls. Bake in the oven, but nedopech. Dilute honey and sugar, put the balls in this mixture. When they begin to blush, lay out on a board, previously soaked in cold water. Spreading the bags, moisten the hand with cold water.

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Nuts with honey