Sweets from sunflower seeds with honey

Sweets from sunflower seeds with honey

The granules are dried and finely ground, mixed with the same amount of honey (after the mass) and cooked for 20 minutes on light fire. The end of cooking is determined by the stringiness of the sweets. Pour the prepared mass onto a sheet lined with wet paper. After cooling, cut the cake into pieces of any shape.

Recipe 2

Honey caramel.

Mix 2 cups of sugar, 1/4 cup of honey, 1/2 cup of cream or milk, 1/4 cup of butter. Heat the mixture, stir it until the honey and sugar are melted. Then cook until the mixture, when it is thrown into cold water, does not start to freeze. Mix down the mixture before crystallization begins. After this, pour the mass onto a greased frying pan, cut into squares. If you add cedar nuts, caramel will be even tastier.

Recipe 3

Nougat with honey.

Melt a glass of honey, pour into it a half cup of sugar and cook, stirring until the honey blushes. Mix up 5 proteins and gradually pour them into hot honey. Transfer the pan to a weak fire and boil the mass further, stirring and trying so that it does not harden. 100 toasted nuts and a little grind, when the mass is sufficiently solidified, pour in the nuts and immediately put the mass on a large sheet of oiled paper, and cover it with the same sheet of paper and put it under the press. Then carefully cut into slices.

Recipe 4

The honey ball is in Tatar.

Pumped out honey from honeycombs, strain through a sieve and pour into an oak barrel. Then add the cooled boiled water and add the yeast. The barrel filled in this way is left for 8 “10 days at room temperature, after fermentation is finished, take it out to the cold. Drink used in a cold form. Shelf life 6 months. To get 10 liters of beverage you need: boiled water – 8 liters, honey – 2.5 kg, yeast – 100 g.

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Sweets from sunflower seeds with honey