How to make a simple shish kebab

Metal barbecue simple design can be installed on the terrace of the house or in the favorite corner of the garden. Its design makes it possible to cook meat in a variety of ways. In

Hot water all winter

Fig. 1 – expanding tank, 2 – control tube; 3 – water heating pipe; 4 mixer; 5 – the valve; 6 – water supply; 7 – furnace heating system; 8 – boiler of the heating

How to cook soap yourself

Old recipes for making soap at home will help you overcome the “soapy fever” with which our industry can not cope. Homemade soft soap 3.4 kg potash, 4.5 kg of crushed animal fat or fat,

Simple biogas plant

Over the past 30 years, biogas has significantly spread not only in countries with warm climates. Scientists estimated that organic waste of livestock in our country can give biogas in recalculation for conventional fuel –

Hand trolley

Today it is not easy to buy the necessary materials, parts, spare parts for the units. Many gardeners and gardeners to facilitate their work make adaptations, taking as a basis proposed by the readers of


A person with paralyzed legs can stand, walk and sit down due to a prosthetic design. The English inventor H. Grenville designed a computerized restraint for patients with paralyzed legs. The device is manufactured by

Mannequin for boxers

The simulator is so dodgy that it is more difficult to fight with it than with a live opponent on a single dummy can train several athletes. “Boxer pear” – the main trainer in this

Preservation of skins

Quality hides – raw materials for the production of household items (footwear, clothing, etc.) depends on feeding, care, keeping animals, the rules of their slaughtering, as well as removal, storage, primary processing of raw materials.

If the slate cracked

Cracks of wavy asbestos-cement roofs can be repaired by pasting a piece of roofing felt with a hot two-wave bitumen by melting hot bitumen. The upper end of the roofing material should be pushed under

Smokehouse for fruit

1 – wooden grating; 2 – rubble stone; 3 – chimney; 4 – furnace. The walls of the smokehouse are made of bricks. Inside the smokehouse there is a chimney, built of quarry stone arch.