Wood chips for sawing firewood

Wood chips for sawing firewood

Conventional goats for sawing firewood. “You take two slats and cross it in a cross.” That’s all the wisdom! ” Wisdom, maybe all. And yet I would like to know how to make simple reliable goats that would serve as faith and truth for years, rather than falling apart from the first log.

For the manufacture of a goat it is necessary to have four slats with a section of 50 mm x 100 mm and a length of 1.2 m or two round logs with a diameter of 100 mm and a length of 1.2 m, which are cut in half; Round timber with a diameter of 50 mm, length 0.8 m; two boards 20 mm thick, 80 mm wide, 0.8 m long.

Manufacture of nests for spikes. Make one for one four trimmed slats and determine the center of the hole. Then the diameter of the hole (40 mm) is marked with a compass and drilled.

Manufacturing of thorns. At the ends of the round bar, spines 40 mm in diameter and about 160 mm long are made. To do this, pollinate round the perimeter to a depth of 5 mm and process with a rasp. Then hollowed out from both sides holes for blades, which are made of hardwood.

Making a goat. The sidewalls are worn on the thorns (the middle part of the goat) and fixed with blades. At the bottom, the sidewalks fasten boards. The width of the lateral decomposition is limited by a chain or cord.

Bolted connection. Significantly saves the connection time of the sides using bolts. To do this, select the bolts with a diameter of about 10 mm. The thread of the nut is well lubricated. The functions of the round bar can be performed by two boards made at an angle.

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Wood chips for sawing firewood