Hot water all winter

Hot water all winter

Fig. 1 – expanding tank, 2 – control tube; 3 – water heating pipe; 4 mixer; 5 – the valve; 6 – water supply; 7 – furnace heating system; 8 – boiler of the heating system.

If you have your own house in a village or city, then you know that hot water can be had from a stove or oven. And it turns out that you can have it all winter if there is water heating in your house. About how to do this we will tell you.

Instead of titanium, I took a decommissioned steam boiler with 100 liters, which, after processing and capping excess holes, was placed on a stove in the kitchen. By connecting the steam jacket of the boiler with the heating system in a half-inch pipe, he made a small ring of the water heating system (see Fig.). In the heating system of my house, the pipes used are 1.5 inches, so the insertion of a half-inch pipe for heating the water did not adversely affect the system as a whole. To regulate the water circulation in the hot water boiler, put the tap 5.

The water is heated after it has been put into the boiler (it is connected to the water pipe in a half-inch pipe) after 30-40 minutes. The level of water in the boiler is determined with the help of a control tube 2. If the water pressure in the water pipe is normal, then the sunset lasts 12-15 minutes. The boiler is installed at a height of 2 g from the floor, which allows you to create a certain pressure of hot water in the sink faucet. On the boiler there is a lid, which you can remove to clean it.

In the heating season in our kitchen, there is always hot water, we fill it and the bathroom when we wash.

And in the summer, when there is an intensive watering of the kitchen gardens and water appears in the crane only at night for 2-3 hours, use a boiler to store cold water.

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Hot water all winter