How to cook soap yourself

How to cook soap yourself

Old recipes for making soap at home will help you overcome the “soapy fever” with which our industry can not cope.

Homemade soft soap

3.4 kg potash, 4.5 kg of crushed animal fat or fat, 1 liter of water.

A third of animal fat or lard mixed with potash and a little water and put it on low heat. Stirring, add the rest of the fat to the mixture. Cook until a homogeneous mass is formed, which is poured into a pan or other utensils to ripen. Every day the mass is diligently mixed, adding a little of the rest of the water. Soap is ready in two weeks.

Instead of potash in the past, we used ashes from straw (best of all buckwheat or millet), sunflower, woody. He was insisted in water in a hot oven for 6-8 hours, after which the solution acquired alkaline properties and dissolved fat. The concentration of the ash solution was selected experimentally.

Home made soap

Four buckets of soft home soap should be placed in a cauldron and, heating on fire, continuously stirring, add one liter of the solution of the kitchen salt. (Dissolve the salt in water until it is completely saturated). Boil until the astringent precipitate appears, then remove from heat and drain the water that has remained.

Soap is filtered into molds. After it hardens, it is cut into pieces using a thin wire. The obtained pieces are dried to normal hardening.

Soap fragrant

1.1 kg of fat, 0.56 kg of caustic sodium, 1 liter of water.

Dissolve caustic sodium in water. Melt the fat on low heat and add to it half of the received meadow. The mixture, without bringing to a boil, carefully stir, then add the rest of the meadow. Make sure that the temperature of the mixture does not fall below 65 њ C.

When the mass thickens and fat ceases to be felt when rubbed between the fingers, it is transferred to the mold, adding before that any aromatic substance for the smell. After two days soap can be cut into pieces.

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How to cook soap yourself