Clamps for multi-hull beehives

Clamps for multi hull beehives

I belong to the supporters of keeping bees in multi-hive beehives.

I think that wintering is better in them, families are growing much faster. Thanks to light and comfortable housings, labor productivity increases, bees are less worried, honey collection is increasing. The disadvantage of the multi-body, in my opinion, is its poor quality and imperfection of tape fasteners.

It causes inconvenience and the height of the frame – 230 mm instead of 300. Therefore, by purchasing four-hull beehives, I made stores for them. I put the case on the store and put in it a frame in the size of 435X300 mm. Part of the frames I cut by 70 mm, I grope and put them in the second shell.

He made the braces himself. The galvanized wire with a diameter of 5 mm bent around the perimeter of the shells. At the ends made loops 2 and, wearing them on one link from chain 1, sealed. From a metal rod with a diameter of 10 mm, he made two hooks 5 with a thread and a coupling strip 3 with holes for the hooks. This device is tightened using nuts 4. The height of the clip can be adjusted with additional clips 6.

Scheme of the device for a multi-hull bale. The proposed clip can not be considered perfect, but it provides the reliability of fastening.

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Clamps for multi-hull beehives