Honey for cold treatment

Honey for cold treatment

Honey has long earned the fame of a universal anti-cold remedy not only in its pure form, but also in combination with other foods and medicines. With catarrhal diseases it is recommended to take honey with warm milk (a tablespoon of honey for a glass of milk), with lemon juice (juice of half or one lemon per 100 g of honey).

A good remedy is syrup from horseradish juice and honey (ratio 1: 1). It should be remembered that taking honey, especially lime, as a cure for colds, it takes two or three days to comply with bed or home treatment, since lime honey in these cases causes a strong sweating. Lime honey is useful as a powerful diaphoretic.

The use of honey for honey was also known in ancient times. Hippocrates wrote that a honey drink spews phlegm and calms cough. Avicenna recommended using a mixture of honey with rose petals in the initial stages of tuberculosis. The most effective he considered the use

of this mixture in the morning. He also believed that hazelnuts with honey help from a chronic cough.

Despite numerous examples showing that honey is an excellent remedy for pulmonary tuberculosis, it should not be attributed to him specific therapeutic properties in this disease. We can only assume that honey has a restorative effect and thereby contributes to the fight of the organism with tuberculosis infection.

Evidence can serve as observations on a group of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, conducted by the author of the book in the clinic, headed by a distinguished scientist, professor. As a result of honey treatment, the patients’ health improved, weight gained, cough decreased, the amount of hemoglobin increased, the reaction of erythrocyte sedimentation slowed. However, there was no complete cure in tuberculosis patients from mediotherapy.

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Honey for cold treatment