Use of honey in folk medicine

Use of honey in folk medicine

The healing properties of honey known to man for a long time. Honey as an important healing agent is recommended in the recipes of many ancient medical institutions. It is sung in the annals, bylinks, stories, songs.

An ingenious doctor and thinker of antiquity, Hippocrates, who lived for 107 years, used honey in his medical practice to treat many diseases and himself systematically consumed it.

“The sun of ancient beekeeping,” which was considered philosopher, naturalist Aristotle, argued that honey, having special properties, promotes health and lengthens a person’s life.

The poet of Ancient Greece Anacreon, who always consumed honey, lived 115 years.

Julius Caesar, once invited to the rim of Senator Polia Rumilia, asked him what he uses to maintain strength of body and spirit. And he heard the answer: “deep into the honey, from the outside – oil.”

Avicenna widely used honey and wax in his medical practice. In his book “The Canon of Medical Science” there are many recipes, which include honey. Avicenna believed that people after 45 years of age should regularly use honey, especially with crushed kernels of nuts, which contain many oils. It belongs to him the expression: “If you want to keep youth, be sure to eat honey.”

In the mythology of ancient India, bees occupied an extremely honorable place. Suffice to say that the main Indian god Vishnah was represented in the form of a bee that rests in the lotus flower bowl. In the ancient Indian medical book “Ayurveda” (“The Book of Life”) it says that you can lengthen a person’s life only with elixirs and a diet, which includes honey and milk. A well-known Indian remedy “alteration”, which preserves youth and provides pleasant well-being of a person, is prepared mainly from honey.

The first Russian healer Eupraxia, the daughter of the great prince Mstislav Vladimirovich and the grandson of Vladimir Monomakh, in his treatise written in the thirties of the 12th century. Greek, “Alimma” (“Mazi”), in the section “Food Hygiene” a lot of attention was paid to the use of honey.

Modern scientific researches on the basis of laboratory, experimental and clinical observations confirm the medicinal properties of honey. To his help often succeeds not only folk, but also traditional medicine. So, more than 50 years in Switzerland (Zurich) there is a sanatorium, created by the famous doctor Birkher-ben-nerom, where for the treatment of certain diseases honey is successfully used in association with vegetarian food. According to this doctor, for the preservation of good health, a person should consume natural food, which consists of raw vegetables, fruits, berries and sour-milk products with honey.

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Use of honey in folk medicine