How to identify fake honey

How to identify fake honey

To honey can be mixed with chalk, sugar, potato and corn flour, etc. To show them, it’s enough to take some honey in some vessel, pour it with distilled water. The impurity will remain at the bottom of the vessel or on top of the solution.

Flour and starch is easy to develop with the help of iodine test. For this, 1-3 drops of iodine should be added to the solution of honey in distilled water. The blue color of the solution indicates the content of these impurities in honey.

The admixture of chalk is determined by adding a few drops of acid or vinegar to the aqueous solution of honey. There is an effervescence due to the release of carbon dioxide.

Starch syrup in honey is easy to show both for its appearance, and for stickiness and lack of crystallization. You can also make this test: add 2 drops of concentrated hydrochloric acid and 20 ml of 95 њ guilty alcohol to 2 ml of honey solution in water

(one part of honey and two parts of water). The haze that formed, indicates the content of starch in molasses molasses.

The content of sugar syrup (ordinary sugar) in honey is indicated by the formation of a white precipitate – silver chloride, when 5-10% lyapis solution is added to the aqueous solution. You can apply this method: up to 5 ml of 20% aqueous solution of honey add 2.5 g of lead acetate and 22.5 ml of methyl alcohol. If there is sugar in honey, a yellow-white precipitate falls on the bottom of the vessel.

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How to identify fake honey