Quality of honey in seven years

Quality of honey in seven years

We conducted a study of 24 samples of honey, which was kept at the Department of Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise of the Agricultural Academy for 7-8 years. The product was stored in glass jars, closed (unsealed) with paper and tied with a thread.

During the study, color, taste, odor, invert sugar, fermentation and humidity were studied. Repeatedly investigated those same indicators. The study found that in all 24 samples over the years of storage, the amount of glucose and fructose increased, and in 13 of them, up to 81.2%. This high index was not found in any of the samples during the first study. On average, the contents of the mentioned sugars increased by 11.9%. This can be explained by the splitting of sucrose and other sugars, which is in honey. The moisture content in honey decreased to 14-16.5% – and it hardened. Although the aroma of the product has decreased during storage, it has a pleasant taste.


regardless of the long-term storage, natural honey is not losing its qualities, and the amount of glucose and fructose in it even increases. In quality honey, enzymes are preserved. All this testifies to the remarkable property of natural bee honey not to lose high food and taste qualities during long-term storage.

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Quality of honey in seven years