Spring feeding bees with wine

Spring feeding bees with wine

I am interested in the history of beekeeping, I purchased the book “Proceedings of the Free Economic Society for the Promotion of Agriculture and House-Building in Russia,” published in 1775. Attention was drawn to the chapters relating to beekeeping, in particular the calendar of works. Considering its content is not uninteresting for modern beekeepers.

They have not lost their actuality today. Thus, readers are given the opportunity to get acquainted with the advice and recommendations that were in the course of beekeepers more than two hundred years ago. The style and grammar of the original are preserved.

The composition of the pastor Shirach about the contents of bee-bees with the indication of their great advantages, easy establishment and walking behind them, published by the Grand Empress Empress EKATERINA Alekseevna, the Autocrat of the All-Russia and so on. most devoted to Pastor Vogel, BASED REDUCED and containing everything that in the declared book for a villager and bee-lover in the Russian state to promote forest beekeeping is useful; to which also some useful knowledge of skilful bees were carefully annexed by Joseph Dominique Regensburger, the Voluntary Economic Society member and treasurer

November, December, January, February.

All these months can be brought together; because during the same work is the same.

1. During these months, do not open unnecessary boards; for you can spoil the solid bees with the protection that they made of wax from the cracks and crevices themselves, and soothe them so that when they are out a lot, some of them are cold.

2.Wear the bees of your cold winter and good night; so that they would come to their ordinary winter’s sleep. They will then work in the spring more fun, and when they sleep, they eat very little.

3.Smotri that all your sides also have air, so that the vapors can leave: otherwise

the structure of them becomes moldy; from what bees are sick.

4.To see that the passing hole has always been opened, and that also on the other side of the vyshdu long gap openly remained.

5.If it happens that these two holes from the beeper’s vapors will freeze and snow or ice there will be hammered: then open immediately both; so that the bees do not suffocate and become moldy.

6.You want to be even more cautious: then beat a sheet of tin before a flying hole, holes with a knotted hole, or a calico made of wire; so that the bees in Genval and in February were not sunrays, and they did not stay on the snow.

7. Sometimes you walk around all your borts, and see if you notice the traces of marten on the snow; or whether she had already tried to make her way into some of the hives: get up straightway, or ask the huntsman to shoot her.

8.Also note whether the woodpecker or the yellow and other little birds of prey will attack.


1.But as already in this month, it is somewhat warmer to work, therefore, cut down the new boards, renew old ones; if yes: where the transverse tree or dolzheya is made to beat, and leave them, that they would dry up.

2. Now you can knock on every one of your complete borts; Are bees alive: you can learn from the voice how they are found.

3. Which you doubtful seem, and no fresh voice is given, they open and see what they lack. If their frost has severely damaged, then the straps of the flanks are straw, so that the other people are warmed: if there is not enough forage, then put the honeycombs close to the nest.

4.Zamazyvay such a weak hive, that he would not become a predator healthy bees.

5.Why come warm days, in which bees without danger from the cold can fly: then clean your hives; Otherwise, expect better than April of the month.

6.To cut out the combs there is still no time. If, however, you really want to eat honey, and especially according to the ancient wondrous habit in the great quarter: then cut yourself one hundred, but do not flatter yourself much, and be sold to the market; follow only your old bees.

7. Note their first flight, whether all the uterus is alive; that in this month you can learn.


1. Have you not cleaned your bees in March: then do this in this month on warm days.

2.Note, whether the uterus is alive: and you can learn these things by flight, whether they are buzzing. If you do not have time to take note of this: then look between the combs, is there a fresh baby there; because at this time it is already in a large number to be.

3.If where the uterus is missing: then create a new one for them, in my prescribed form.

4.It was affected by swarms of bloody diarrhea: then give him medicines. Generally say: That bees in spring are useful for simple wine , as well as you, when you leave the house in foggy weather.


Note whether in this month flowers blossom trees and flowers, if flowers: then

1.Vinimay combs with God’s help; For this is your rewarding work, and the blessing that the creator of nature gives you without great works: but cover your hives soon after cutting.

2.On the removal of honeycomb after days two or three, clear all the hives, and keep them from other people’s bees.

3. Note whether you, when removing honey, did not ruin the uterus itself, for even the most skilled bee can make a mistake. She flies out often and delusions, or is lost in honey, or is cut from unreasonable bees. Try to imitate them immediately: otherwise they lose all their vivacity, and then the other themselves do not themselves.

4.Want you for example from a rich stock of detoxified honeycombs in the great boxes do the collars: that is, this time is the most capable of that.

5. You made a sword of your garden bees, and the uterus is already able to fly: then carry a box with bees into the forest, and let them into the new beet, and see that they soon find food.

6. Stretch your honey at home, make from it a drink, vinegar, squeeze out the wax, finally do with it as you want; is in your will. If the wax is excessively dry: then a lot of mass is flying away from it

Personal particles, and in a week or four waxen dregs are made much easier than they were before; therefore put and “in the cold room, or sell.


1. Prepare yourself a bee suit that you will soon use.

2. Just before anointing, anoint those boards into which swarms must fly.

3. Prepare your own boards by tapping the greens of the rods decently to the swarming.

4. Visit the bees now often, and notice behind the swarms, so that if they leave the woods, you will catch them again and plant them in the sides.

5. Enter your swarms into the sides: then note the weather. It happens often osmidnevnoy rain and cold: then add them a few food.

6.How do you find the ants on their boards: then try to root them now.


1. Rejoice, if the weather is warm in this month, and there are no great rains; for in this time the best honey harvest begins. You will not be able to find your bees now in the woods: they are looking for limes as well and except for the forest.

2. Still continue to swarm bees: then try to do the same way with them, as mentioned above.

3. Note the late swarms, so that you then know them, and either separated, or instead drove, or a few honey can back up.


1. In this month a new harvest begins for bees again, for example: cranberry color and so on. Wishing for a good weather, and that the rain and the rain of these flowers are not spoiled.

2. Do the flowers bloom well, and you will find out that your sides are full of honey: then you are forced to take out several honeycombs from the hive to make the place empty; Otherwise, these industrious animals can not do anything.

3.Home you are at home boxes: then take them in this month in the forest to your other and attached to them watchman. Some often tried to cut out all the honey from the boxes, which were again full in speed.

September and October.

1. You carried the bees into the forest, then note when the fissure has bloomed: then take them again home; They are no longer there anymore.

2. At the beginning of October, examine your side, note diligently whether they have all the queens; for the uterus is often lost or dies. If they did not create a new one for themselves: then they have a forlornly spoiled baby, that you can see soon, just as a great many drones, which the bees did not kill in September, prove this. Both young swarms with their healthy uterus should admit to both of them, and that is why they can be helped: then clean out of their hives any rubbish. Now they can again get stuck. Just zamazh them on the podium.

3. You find the weak, then kill them; because the food would cost you more,

Rather than the swarm itself: but as there are very few of them, then they would die in winter. Do not look at the opinions of other people who kill bees worthy of honoring. Another thing is with the weak swarms in the boxes, with which it is better to manage: it is another matter with your weak swarms, in the woods located. The love with which you owe yourself, so that you can not tolerate such a loss, than the benefit itself then happens, prevails mercy towards animals. Here I hold on to both sides: I allow to kill, and I praise to keep; but all on good contracts; it is not possible for only one side to hold.

4.But if you have mediocre swarms: then drive two in one place: if you have enough honey, then feed them both.

5. At the end of the October Revolution, see if it is enough for future spring to be preserved, especially if they have holes for the passage of air. They have such a habit that they can not tolerate other holes, except for the passageway: although I left them alone in September, they again sealed it. If I now do not want to do a special air hole for them again, then I pierce the probe through and through the wax hole, the size of a pea seed, through which the wind passes, and their structure is very well kept. If it is not done, then it is moldy from the vans there.

6. In October you can cut out new boards already; for the juice comes in little by little again into the tree, and for you it is very capable work.

7. Do you want your bees to never fly out in the winter, as some and for the wicked esteem; pnezhe they think that bees must often be cleaned; but this is not fair; because these can be seen on the buried, which for four months in the earth were healthy, although they were not cleaned once: then put a made net in front of the flying hole from the wire, which also prevents several visits to the woodpecker.

8. There are many woodpeckers in your country: then try immediately about the means by which you could get rid of them.

9. Rest now from your labors and rest at home: but do not forget your heavenly father for all the gaiety and blessing that he sent you in your small bee farm, sent back glory and thanks in silence.

“So far Mr. Pastor Shirach extends the bee calendar, which is word-for-word introduced here” – these words end this amazing “bee” calendar.

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Spring feeding bees with wine