Natural medicine – honey

Natural medicine   honey

When preparing medicinal beverages, mixtures, it should be remembered that at -60 њ C, useful enzymes are destroyed in honey.

Recipe 1

With a cold 70-80 g of honey with milk. Mixture: honey, horseradish juice and onion juice (1: 1: 1)) take 1 tsp. three times a day, before meals;

Recipe 2

With the flu: crushed chives of garlic stir with linden honey (1: 1), take 1 tablespoon, washed down with warm boiled water.

Recipe 3

When hypertension: a mixture of honey and cranberry juice (1: 1) use 1 tbsp each. three times a day before meals;

With angina pectoris: 100 g of aloe juice, 300 g of honey, crushed walnuts, juice of 1-2 lemons. The mixture is taken in 1 tbsp. three times a day before meals;

Recipe 4

When insomnia: a solution of honey and lemon juice (I st. l. per glass of water), honey with kefir or honey and milk in the same proportion.

Recipe 5

Tones up the body, improves the overall condition of such a cocktail; a glass of raw milk, 0.5 cups of carrot juice, 1 tsp. honey, 1 egg mix in a mixer or whip with a fork.

Recipe 6

The root of nettle, cooked with sugar, or seeds (1-3 grams at a time), pitted in water, help with gallstones and kidney disease.

Recipe 7

The mixture of olive oil (0.25 cup) and the same amount of grapefruit juice alleviates the condition with cholelithiasis. Drink at night one hour after a meal. Before taking the mixture, make a cleansing enema.

Recipe 8

In chronic skin diseases, infusion of nettle flowers is used.

Recipe 9

When hemorrhoidal pains apply a mixture of nettle leaves and buckthorn bark: 8 grams of each herb pour 1 liter of boiling water, hold it lightly for 15 minutes. to filter and use 0.5 cup before meals in a warm form. 3 times a day. To drink this juice, also drink the juice of ripe fruits of mountain ash (1/4 cup of Z times a day). Drink the juice with boiled water.

Recipe 10

To hemorrhoids, aspen leaves are applied for 2 hours in a day or two.

Helps with a hemorrhoids candle from raw potatoes, put in the anus for the night. In the morning the candle will come out in a natural way,

Recipe 11

Useful for this disease and this procedure: to lumps to apply for a few seconds a tampon, soaked in cold water and even wrapped in cheesecloth a piece of ice.

Relieve the pain of the bath from the decoction of oak bark.

Recipe 12

Radish juice, brine sauerkraut in a warm form, tea from dried cherries, apples are recommended to drink with constipation. Relaxes the stomach and decoction of the bark of the buckthorn (20 crushed bark pour a glass of water and boil for 15-20 minutes) Drink 0.5 glasses at night.

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Natural medicine – honey