Framing frames of artificial wax

Framing frames of artificial wax

Equipment: frames, combined rollers with a spur, planks, punch or an awl, electric plates, metal bowls with a capacity of 2 … 3 liters, hammers, pliers, knives.

Materials: artificial wax, tinned wire, small nails.

Methodical instructions. The use of an artificial honeycomb within the framework for the detuning of new honeycombs is of great practical importance. Being the basis of the future honeycomb, the artificial wax gives it strength, the work of the bees to detach new honeycombs is greatly facilitated and accelerated. Staging in a beehive frame with full sheets of artificial wax causes bees to build honeycombs from the right bee cells, which sharply limits the withdrawal of drones. However, in order to ensure that all cell cells are further rationally used by bees, it is necessary to properly attach the sheets of artificial wax to the frames or, as the beekeepers say, to frame the frames.

Combined rollers used to frame the frames are placed in advance in a bowl with water, standing on the electric plate. It is necessary to turn off the tile from time to time to prevent the boiling of water and overheating of the rollers.

Framing frames.

To do this, the bars of the frame are laid in a board-template and firmly pressed with a wooden wrap. The bars are made up with long thin nails, after which they loosen the wrap and the frame is removed.

Stretching the wire. A special tinned wire is pulled on the frame. To do this, frames are pierced in the lateral slats of the frame, which must be strictly on one line, dividing the side frame of the frame along into two equal parts, otherwise the wax leaf will be unevenly reinforced and the bees will rebuild very small cells on one side and too deep on the other both are not suitable for laying eggs). To properly mark the holes use a pre-made template with 4 holes. The template is applied alternately to both frames

of the frame from the inside and a puncture is punctured by 4 holes. A hole punch can be used to pierce the holes.

The wire is sequentially passed through all the holes and fixed at one end, wrapping the end of the wire around the head of a small stud clogged to the side of the bar at the last hole. The wire is tightened as tightly as possible, and the second end is also fixed with a clove and bites the remainder with pliers. Correctly stretched wire should sound like a string. However, due to excessive tension, it can cut through the wood of the bar or cause undesirable deformation of the side plates of the frame.

This operation is eliminated if there are clean old frames.


First, the sheet should be placed on the wire and try on whether it corresponds to the size of the frame. In this case, there should be a gap of at least 2 … 3 mm on each side between the sheet of artificial wax and the side slats. If this condition is not observed, the wax placed in the nest from heating will expand somewhat and warp, as a result of which the honeycomb will be with a large number of improperly constructed cells. If necessary, cut off an excess band of a wax with a knife or a scalpel.

Once again checking the conformity of the sheet of the artificial wax and the frame, proceed to nuvaschivaniyu. The blackboard is laid on the table, wiped with a wet rag or covered with a sheet of paper, so that the wax does not stick to the board. On the ledge, wept, perpendicular to the table, put the frame with the top bar down. Then a sheet of honeycomb is laid on the plank-sheet with such a calculation that one end of it is found on the inner surface of the upper block of the inverted frame. After this, once again carefully checking the gap between the wax and the side slats of the frames, roll the edge of the wax to the upper bar with a heated roller.

Attaching the edge of the honeycomb to the upper bar, the frame is gently lowered to the temal. The wax at the same time bends at right angles to the rolled edge of it and lies on the board, and the wires stretched over the frame will be on top of the honeycomb.

Then the wire is soldered into the wax. Driving a carefully heated spur on the wire back and forth, warm it up, and the wire is almost without pressure, under the influence of the weight of the frame enters the middle of the wax.

Framing frames of artificial wax

This operation should be carried out especially carefully. A thin wax sheet is very easy to cut if you work too hard with a heated spur and press it excessively against the wire. It must also be ensured that the handle of the combined roller is always parallel with respect to the wire, the spur with its groove sat well on the wire, and the wire itself was smooth and well stretched. If these conditions are not observed, the spur will often jump off the wire and burn holes in the wax with its heated teeth.

For nasvaschivaniya store frames take a board-templates twice already than for nesting, in the frame pull one or two wires and apply a thinner wax (18 … 20 standard sheets per 1 kg). The rest of the procedure is the same as when nesting the nest frames.

Framing frames is a laborious operation, on which the beekeeper spends a lot of time. To increase the productivity of labor in carrying out this work, a number of improvements are proposed: the framing of frames with a wooden bar without heating, the use of an electric current for heating the wire, the use of a special table for drawing wires and framing the frames,

Noteworthy, for example, a universal apiary device хрр-1 and a double pattern. Prepared for the nuvaschivaniyu frame is placed in the recesses of the board-templates on the contact tires. On the wire frame put a sheet of artificial wax and press it. When the start button is pressed on the SCP-1 panel, a current of 25 V will flow to the wire of the frame. At the same time, the wire is heated and soldered into the wax sheet. During the time that the wire cools down, the second frame is sewn on the other scale. The SCP-1 device is equipped with an electronic time relay that interrupts the electrical circuit after the time necessary for heating the wire.

Framing frames of artificial wax

Fig. Device for hanging frames with the help of electric current: Б – universal apiary device (хрр-1) – йойр; 6 – scheme of the process of defense: 1 – board-template for 2 frames; 2 – contact tires; 3 – the switch; 4 – frame; J – wire; 6 – honeycomb leaf; 7 – press

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Framing frames of artificial wax