Handle for working with hives

Handle for working with hives

Tip 1

When forming the nests, the work is greatly facilitated by the legend on the framework. It is very convenient to mark them with colored plastic buttons with the corresponding letter designations.

So, I frame the brood frame with red buttons (P), with a wax – blue (B), honey – yellow (M), control ones – “orange” (K), frames to be culled – black (B).

I store them in the appropriate cells of the pencil case, which is designed for ten families. Buttons for honey and brood frames are made in equal quantities, for the rejected ones – seven pieces, with a honeycomb – two or four, control ones – two or three on a 24-frame Dada hive.

This simple device speeds up the inspection of the nests and facilitates the work.

Tip 2

When working with double hulls it is convenient to use this metal handle on a canvas belt.

Handle for working with hives

With the help of this handle, I easily lift the ten-frame case. Hooks 2 I hook for the bolts 1 in the hive. Putting on the neck a tarpaulin belt 3, I raise the body and put it on the table near the hive. The handle is easy to manufacture, makes it easier to lift the cases.

Tip 3

If it is difficult to arrange all the beehives at the hospital so that during the hot time of the day the tapes do not appear in the sun, then it is almost impossible to do so when traveling. To protect the bees from overheating, I suggest shading the hives as follows. Put a sheet of roofing sheet in size 70X70 cm on the roof of the hive with an allowance on the front wall and fix it with a load. Tin can be strengthened in another way, but the device must be removable, otherwise when the hive cover is opened, the tapholes will be shaded.

Tip 4

In early spring or late autumn, it is often necessary to replenish or replace fodder stocks of bee colonies. The fudge recipe was proposed. I cook such a sweet not on water, as the author suggests, but on milk. I do so. In a saucepan pour 1 kg of granulated sugar, pour into it a glass of milk and cook for 30-40 minutes. Before boiling – a lot of stirring. When a ball is formed from the mixture (a teaspoon) dropped into cold water, I stop the cooking. You can add 300 g of honey and boil for another 2 minutes. The cooled fudge is ready for use.

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Handle for working with hives