Breeds of bees

Bees of the genus

You could talk about all this for a long time. But it is better to turn to those forms in which you can find the beginnings of a social way of life. Some species of

Species and breeds of bees

Biological science, creatively developed by scientists, teaches that the entire animal and plant world, all living nature consists of separate groups of animals and plants, called species. There are many similarities between close species, which

African bees

The bees that live in Africa are relatively small compared to ours. There are so many honey and pollenots here that bee colonies are provided with food throughout the year and they do not need

Italian bees

All over the world, Italian bees are known. Their homeland is Italy. In some places they are bred in our country – in the south of Ukraine and in Moldavia. They are yellow in color,

Other types of bees

Science came to a firm conviction that in the course of the history of the Earth, highly organized animals developed from more low-order forms. Even in a short period of time equal to human life,

Red osmium in the gardens

Tell the growers about the importance of bees in the pollination of fruit-berry plants is not necessary, because everyone knows: the more they visit flowers, the higher the harvest. Honey bees perform about 80% of

Indian bees

The ancient homeland of our bees is southern Asia. There still live three other species of the same genus Arga. They are closely related to each other, although they are at different stages in the

Wild honey bees

Such bees are not spoiled by human help, they stoically suffer frost (they can survive -50!), They are seldom sick, and also have remarkable anger and efficiency. Judge for yourself. The family of wild bees

Bees – leaf cutters

A bee-sheet cutter! She makes a move, for example, in a rotten tree, then flies to the bushes of roses, lilacs, raspberries or other plants, cuts out an oval piece from the sheet and, rolling

What bees to plant

Each beekeeper wants to have the best bees to get more honey from them. Desire is quite natural and understandable. However, the possibilities for this are limited. Until now, beekeepers-breeders of the world, despite numerous

Far Eastern bee breed

Some beekeepers do not consider them a separate breed, but refer to the intra-breed type, which was formed as a result of crossing in the natural environment of the Central Russian and Ukrainian gray bees

Single bees

Many will be surprised that the formation of a family in a bee family is by no means the rule, but rather an exception. We know many thousands of species of bees, who spend their

Dark forest bees

In our country there are bees of several breeds, of which the most common are Central Russian forest. They dwell in the Northwest, Belorussia, the central regions of the country, the Urals, Siberia, the Far

Gray mountain Caucasian bees

In the mountains, valleys and forests of the Caucasus, Caucasian bees live in a wild state. They are bred mainly in the southern regions of the country. The bees are light gray, silvery. They are

Bezalaceous bees of melipon

Bees that do not sting? Yes, there are such! They exist even a few hundred species, but not with us. They live in the tropics of the Old and New Worlds. There were attempts to