If there are reddish spots and itching on the face

If there are reddish spots and itching on the face

It seems to me that cosmetics should be widely introduced from aesthetic considerations.

But, of course, we can not and should not blindly imitate foreign models, we should not copy them and plant them in our society.

In Sweden, for example, almost from the age of 10, girls are artificially decorated with various cosmetic preparations. Of course, from our point of view, this can not be allowed. It does not adorn, but cripples the child not only physically, but morally. It’s terrible to think how some girls distort themselves, pedantically inheriting fashion. In some, not the hair, but the whole constructive structure, in others the horse’s tail hangs, and they spread their hair like mermaids.

I do not mind cosmetics as one of the elements that contribute to the creation of a beautiful appearance.

It seems to me, it is interesting to bring in the end the speech of the representative of the younger generation.

“Our life has become bright, pay attention to our painting, juicy, in bright colors. Our music is full-blooded, it calls for struggle, to something uplifted. Look at the variety of fabrics that our industry produces, bright colors, color harmony.

Our girls and women should also differ in their appearance: brightly colored faces, expressive eyes. Do not be afraid to stress this. Not only young, but also elderly women should differ on the general background.

Why does someone condemn elderly women for using cosmetic means to cover up the defects of age even slightly? Old age can hardly brighten a person’s appearance. It is necessary to try to make not so expressive signs of old age.

I had to see elderly women who were doing an operation due to which wrinkles disappeared. After the operation, they seemed to be younger and kept their youthful appearance for several years.

Our task is to be beautiful and morally and

physically. It is necessary to create a new appearance of a person, and in this to help us, girls and women, all people, should doctors and artists. “

If on the face there will be reddish stains and an itch, wipe these places boron – zinc solution. In winter, when there is not enough sun and vitamins, try making such masks.

Recipe 1

Cottage cheese mask.

Take 2 spoons of fresh cottage cheese, mash with raw yolk and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. The mass should be without lumps and not too thick. Put it on your face and neck. After 10-15 minutes, wash off the mask with cold water. This mask revitalizes the skin, makes it a little lighter, because the skin in winter acquires a grayish shade.

Recipe 2

A yeast mask.

Take 30 grams of fresh yeast, finely chop them, heat a few drops of honey in a spoon and mix with yeast. Then properly rub the cashier so it is not too thick. For dry skin, add a few drops of olive oil. Put this mass on your face and neck and walk like this for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and mask the mask and rinse with cold water. The yeast mask makes the skin more elastic.

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If there are reddish spots and itching on the face