Grillage with nuts and honey

Grillage with nuts and honey

250 g of nuts, 1 glass of honey, 100 g of sugar.

Boil the honey with sugar to lightly blush, pour in the nuts, stir for a minute, then put it on a wet board, roll it out with a wet roller and cut into small squares.

Grillage with poppy seeds.

1 cup poppy, 1 glass of honey, 100 grams of sugar, 1/2 cup of nuts. For the technology of preparation, see the previous recipe. In addition to nuts in honey, cooked with sugar, pour the filtered poppy.

Caramel chocolate.

125 g of sugar, 125 g of honey, 125 g of chocolate.

Sugar, honey and chocolate to cook over low heat. If a drop of mass in cold water immediately thickens, pour the mass on a plate of oil or water and cut into squares.


7 proteins, 400 g of sugar, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey, 250 g of nuts visited, 2 wafers, vanillin.

From sugar and a glass of hot water to weld thick syrup so that a drop, dropping from a spoon, pulled a “thread” behind it. Then add a spoonful of honey and cook again “to the thread”, add foam from the steeply knocked down proteins, mix with syrup. Dishes with a mass put in another bowl with boiling water. Cook, stirring constantly, until the mass lags behind the edges of the dishes. Then knead with the nuts and vanillin, put it on the wafer, cover the second wafer on top, press it with some weight. On the second day, cut with a knife soaked in water.

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Grillage with nuts and honey