Smokehouse in the apartment

Smokehouse in the apartment

Fig. 1.1 – a tube with a thread; 2 – threaded fitting; 3 – thread for the plug; 4 – thread for fixing in the lid; 5 – cap; 6 – cover of the gusjatnitsy.

Fig. 2.1 – a plate; 2 – stand; 3 – a smoldering tree; 4 – plate; 5 – metal mesh; 6 – products; 7 – a gasket made of paronite and bolts with groves; 8 – choke and tube for smoke exit; 9 – a jar of water.

Smoking is a long process and, as a rule, requires specially equipped rooms (smokehouses, fireplaces…). And if you need to quickly cook smoked meat, and even in small quantities? It turns out that there is a way out of this situation. This is a portable smokehouse, with which you can smoke products even in the kitchen in a block of flats.

How to make it?

We take the usual pig iron goose. In its lid, drill a hole 10 mm in diameter. We insert a nipple and press it with a nut. To the union we attach a tube (preferably metallic) 1.5-2 g long.

In the ears of the gusjatnitsy and the lid we drill two holes for bolts M 10. Along the perimeter of the lid we cut the gasket from the paronite.

We produce a plate with a sheet metal of this size so that there is a gap of 1-1.5 cm between its sides and the walls of the gusjatnitsy.

With a three-millimeter wire, bend the stand under the plate.

For the outline of the gosjatnitsy we make a rigid net for the products. The smokehouse is ready.

In order to smoke in it meat or fish, you need to fall asleep on the bottom of the gusjatnja a shaving of an alder, a pussy-willow, higher, an apricot or small twigs of these trees. On the chips on the stand, install the plate. At it during smoking will dig up fat from a product. Above the plate we insert a grid on which we put the product, which we want to smoke. Then we put the gasket, the lid, and twist the copses.


put smokehouse on the stove on a weak fire. The tube from the smokehouse is inserted through a cap nylon into a three-liter jar with water. Another pipe from a can is brought out into a window or vent. The shavings or twigs in the smokehouse gradually smolder, the smoke passes through the tube into the jar with water and further into the atmosphere.

Water rules for the filter and, most importantly, increases the pressure in the goose bump, due to which the product is better panned.

The duration of smoking is about an hour.

The smoking temperature is not much higher than 100 њ C (this process is called roasting in smoke).

Thus they smoke meat, fish, and poultry. Recipes for selecting a tree for smoke can be combined according to one’s own taste.

Smoking in a portable smokehouse completely makes it impossible for smoke to enter the apartment. In addition, if the smoke from the can is taken away to the smoking locker, then it will be possible to conduct cold smoking products.

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Smokehouse in the apartment