How to store honey

How to store honeyHoney is stored only in an impeccably clean glass or aluminum container. You can not pour honey into uncleaned containers under the pretext that it also stored honey. A film of aged honey promotes the fermentation of a new honey, as a result of which the taste and smell of honey undergo changes;

Honey can not be stored in tanks made of zinc, copper, lead or alloys of these metals, because under the influence of acids contained in honey, chemical compounds that can cause severe poisoning are formed.

Contraindicated and the iron container, because due to corrosion of iron as a result of prolonged contact with acids in honey, it acquires an unpleasant taste and smell;

Banks with honey should not be kept together with the smelling products (paints, fuels, essences), because honey quickly takes on the smell.

An open vessel with honey is not placed next to hygroscopic substances that contribute to the preservation of humidity in the air (salt), since they cause accelerated fermentation of honey;

Honey, packaged in glass jars, should be stored in dark rooms, as light contributes to the deterioration of the quality of honey.

Honey quickly darkens;

To dilute crystallized honey, the vessel with honey is kept in hot water, in no case directly on fire. Attention: we need to heat only the amount of honey we need. Heated honey quickly begins to wander, its quality deteriorates.

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How to store honey