Getting honey honey by express method

Getting honey honey by express method

The principle of express method of honey bee production is the natural processing of artificial sweet solutions by honeybees into bee honey according to a certain recipe. The express method, as already mentioned, is economical, since bees receiving artificial nectar in the hive itself need much less food (feed) to cover the energy consumed than when flying to blooming melliferous plants.

In addition, artificial nectar from perishable products (milk, egg, blood, etc.), processed in the bee’s body, is persistently preserved, sucrose is converted into glucose and levulose, enriched with enzymes, organic acids, inhibitors, etc. It should be noted, that honey, obtained by the express method, not only differs significantly from artificial nectar with its physicochemical properties, but is also absorbed by the body much better than the original substances. Of no small importance is the fact that the express method makes it possible to obtain honey from multivitamin, medicinal, endocrine and other preparations.

Let us give the names of some components that make up artificial nectar, which the author prepared for bees: adonylene, alcohol (various concentrations of rectificate alcohol), atophane, potassium bromide, sodium bromide, veronal, vitamins (A, B, C, PP, E and etc.), gitalen, digitalis, iron protein, ginseng, potassium iodide, sodium iodide, calcium chloride, caffeine, lily of the valley, salsola, pepsin, salicylic sodium, saccharin, sekalen, hydrochloric acid, streptocid, sulphidine, urotropine, phytin, phosphorus – fren, quinine, hepatocrine, mammine, ovarine, p nkreokrin, Pantocrinum, parathyreocrine, spermokrin, penicillin, brilliant green, methylene blue, fuchsin; juice of vegetables – watermelon, cabbage, carrots, radishes, onions, pumpkins, etc .; juice of fruits and berries – pears, strawberries, blueberries, apples; juice of leaves and leaves – walnut,

strawberries, nettles, beets, cocoa, coffee; blood of animals and poultry, milk, eggs, various molds, etc.

Processing artificial nectar in honey in the autumn months not only allows you to get honey of the desired composition, but also to save tons of honey, under the usual conditions spent for feeding holiday bees.

Some artificial solutions very favorably affect the bee family. Some of the substances that make up artificial nectar stimulate the queen bee to strengthen egg laying even in late autumn, while others activate the bees to energetically detach honeycombs.

When obtaining honey with an express method, it is necessary to strictly observe the basic sanitary and hygienic rules: the beekeeper should work in a clean dressing gown and carefully wash his hands with soap before starting to make artificial nectar.

It is best to cook sweet artificial nectar, containing 50-55% sugar. Artificial nectar should be poured into clean wooden feeders at certain hours (in the morning and in the evening), in a warm form (room temperature), neatly and quickly, so as not to attract the bees of neighboring hives.

Feeders must be clean and serviceable (if the feeder malfunctions, artificial nectar will leak, contaminating the bottom of the hive, and the bees will be drowning in it), they should have thin wax sticks covered with wax so that the bees do not sink in artificial nectar. Honey should be pumped out after the bees begin to seal honeycomb cells with wax lids, because before this time, as our observations showed, honey contains about 10% of sucrose (bees have not yet had time to process all the sugar into glucose and levulose ). The honey extractor and honey containers should be clean.

Keep honey, obtained by express method, in a dry dark place where there are no other food products (herring, sauerkraut, etc.) and substances (kerosene, tar, gasoline, etc.), which emit a sharp smell.

Beekeepers using the express method of obtaining honey are not allowed to feed bees with artificial nectar, which includes medicines, without medical supervision. The name of honey should correspond to the main constituent of artificial nectar contained in it. For example, if artificial nectar consists mainly of carrot juice, then honey should be called carrot, etc. Each sample (pot, glass, barrel, etc.) of honey should have a label indicating the date of making honey, name and addresses of the apiary.

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Getting honey honey by express method