Acacia honey

Acacia honeyAcacia (white-acacia) honey is one of the best varieties. In the liquid form it is transparent, crystallization (sugariness) becomes white, fine-grained, resembling snow. Acacia honey contains 35.98% of glucose and 40.35% of levulose (fructose) – the sweetest sugar in nature (levulose is 1.7 times sweeter than sucrose sugar extracted from sugar beet and sugar cane, and 2-2.5 times sweeter than glucose). From the nectar collected from a hectare of fragrant white acacia flowers, bees produce 1700 kg of honey.

Bees make honey also from the flowers of the yellow acacia. This honey is very light, and when crystallized it becomes like salo, white, medium-grained. Yellow acacia honey belongs to the best varieties. From a hectare of flowering acacias, bees collect 350 kg of first-class honey.

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Acacia honey