Bicarbonate content of bees

Bicarbonate content of bees

When using this method, honey production is increased by one and a half times. This article talks about the bicarbonate content of bees. Ways of bipelatching are described.

When the disease of bees varroatosis, for the use of early honey collects, when it is not possible to get the proper amount of a family, the use of a double-celled content of bee colonies is increasingly used. The best results are obtained by those who, while preparing for winter, place two families in the same hive, sharing them with a partition having mesh openings measuring 10/15 cm. Such families, under favorable spring conditions, develop well, warming each other.

Until the beginning of the honey, the septum is removed, uniting the families. In this case, both uterus are placed on the sides of the hive on 4 frames through a partition having a separation grid. The uterus continues to lay eggs. This hive should contain up to 24 nest frames. Under favorable conditions, bees in such hives are filled with honey 16 frames, increasing the production of honey. They also practice the installation of a magazine extension, while precautionary measures are taken to prevent the passage of the uterus into the extension.

Often, when two families are united, bees choose their own stronger and better uterus. It should be noted that the dual-nutrient content of families is most effective when breeding a single breed of bees.

The original way is the withdrawal of the queens in the hives-beds, equipped with this partition. Before staging larvae for upbringing, one of the families chooses the uterus. A family in which there is no uterus is replaced by a frame with larvae for education. After 12 days, the mother liquor is taken away, the uterus is transplanted into the department, as here enough space is vacated after the birth of a new generation.

A new batch of larvae for upbringing is put in the departments where the uterus used to be. Consequently, there is no longer any need to strengthen the family with an offspring, and the process of uterine inference in a single hive is available throughout the season. Note that this method can be successfully used for extraction of royal jelly.

Another way of finding 2 queens in a hive-lodge is practiced. Families are in a beehive, separated by a diaphragm septum, in the middle of which there is a window measuring 150×130 mm. One side of it is covered with a grid, the other – with a latch of plywood. It should be periodically put honeycomb to the diaphragm for seeding, and the families grow up, mutually warming.

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Bicarbonate content of bees