The bee family and its composition

Swarm of bees

Spring is the time of flowering, the abundance of food and the most intensive brood rearing. With the rapidity with which the larva develops, the zealous egg laying by the uterus leads to a rapid

Accelerated reproduction of bee colonies

A significant number of lovers, to buy one or two bee colonies, want to increase them quickly. There are two ways of accelerated reproduction: the first – the use of swarm queen cells, the second,

Spring in the Apiary

With the advent of spring, beekeepers and bees are accepted for work. For the first flight I put the bees out of the winter hut at a stable air temperature of 8-10 њ C and

Protection of the family and protection of the tap

In a warm time, when a single bee does not chill, healthy and strong families guard the ice and reflect the enemies. Bees carrying security often change. Fig. Uterus on a honeycomb. Weak families do

Durability of bees

The life of worker bees is very active, especially in spring and summer. They all their lives carry out various works, which are extremely numerous. Therefore, the bee’s strengths are soon depleted and the wings

Spring top dressing with warm sugar syrup

The bees are waiting impatiently for spring. As soon as a warm day (10-12 њ in the shade) comes out, they hurry to fly around in order to get rid of the feces. And when

The ratio of bees to the uterus and brood

To the newly planted uterus in the cells, bees do not always treat the same: sometimes they are accepted willingly, but there are cases that they do not accept or kill at the release. It

Spring audit of bee colonies

With the onset of spring time comes an important moment in the work of every beekeeper – a complete inspection of the bee colon. It is carried out after the first spring flight of bees

Apiary in September

Warming of the hives, which was used in August to stimulate the deposition of eggs by uterus, should be removed. Malomedovye honeycomb in the center of the nest should be replaced by full-honey. Each of

Bee baby

The young, just hatched chicken – the creature is in many respects underdeveloped, but in general it is very similar to the parents. He, like them, already has wings, legs and eyes. And out of