How to catch a swarm

How to catch a swarmIf in the beehive from the beehive in the presence of the beekeeper, he began to remove the swarm, that is, the opportunity to quickly catch it, without waiting for him to be planted on the top of the tree.

You can do this as follows. Take the plastic bag. As soon as you notice the swarm outlet, press the neck of the bag firmly against the front wall of the hive. In this case, the hive and landing board should be located inside the neck of the bag.

After some time, the uterus of this beehive and swarm bees will be in a sack. Then quickly pour the swarm out of the bag into the sack, as the bees in it can be stained. Rovno with a swarm, take it to a cool place. Later the swarm can be used according to the preference of the beekeeper.

Roy can catch and in the absence of a beekeeper in the apiary. To do this, it is necessary to establish in advance a special device for this purpose in the hive hive, from which a swarm will soon emerge. A cell for the uterus is made from a metal or plastic separation grid. The cell can be in the form of a cube, a prism or a cylinder.

The cell volume should be about 250-300 square meters. see Cell must have a small latch to release the uterus from it. Then from the dividing grid make a box. Its height is 2-2.5 cm, width 4-5 cm, the length is equal to the length of the hive’s flume.

Set the box on the hive tray. Now the bees can go out and enter the hive exclusively through the bottom of this box, made from the dividing grid. But the uterus and drones here will not pass. Then we make a “tunnel”. It must be done from thin tin in the form of a conical tube, the length of which is 40-45 cm.

If at one end of the tube the diameter is 1-1.2 cm, then the second end is 2-2.5 cm. The thick end of the tube is inserted and fixed in the sidewall of the box, having previously made holes in it with a diameter equal to the diameter of the

tube. As for the second (thin) end of the tube, it must be inserted into the side wall of the cage for the uterus, into a hole made in advance. Now the device is ready.

Now in time out of the swarm, the beehive swarms, without hindrance from the hive, will be grafted onto the graft. Uterus is not able to go through the bars. She has the only way – from the box through the “tunnel” in the cell. Now she can not leave the cell anymore.

The uterus can not now find the entrance to the tunnel to return to the hive. After sitting on the priovo and without waiting for the uterus, the swarm will return back to the hive. Then the bees will find the uterus located in the cell, and they will be grafted onto it. Now the bees have access to the uterus, because the cage is made from a dividing grid.

Roy can so hang on the cage for a few days, waiting for the beekeeper. Collect it in a rover it is quite convenient, but do not forget to let the uterus out of the cage. This device can be used for the removal of drones from the hive.

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How to catch a swarm