Application of bee venom

Application of bee venom

In its pure form, bee venom is used by the method of direct local bite by bees. With this treatment, they achieve the greatest effect.

Injections use drugs with bee venom: apizartron, tosapine, malesin, venapiolin 1-2 or KF-1, KF-2 (in a dilution of 1: 1000, 1: 2000 in sterile apricot or peach oil).

Aqueous solution of a dry preparation in ampoules is injected subcutaneously – apitoxin.

For injection, ionophoresis (combined with ultrasound), balneological and external use of melivenon.

Apis – spirituous tincture of milled bees – is widely used in homeopathic practice.

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Application of bee venom