Properties of bee venom

Properties of bee venom

Well-known properties of bee venom – causes pain, swelling, redness at the site of the bite – associated with its biological purpose. The role of bee venom reduces only to expel unwanted “lacquers” from the hive, but not to kill them. Otherwise, the normal order in the life of the bee family would be disturbed and the zoohygienic conditions in the beehive would worsen. This biological property of bee venom, according to some scientists, and contributed to the formation of its toxic properties.

Nevertheless, the body of mammals and humans has adapted to protect themselves from bee venom by restructuring and mobilizing their hormonal, immune and nervous defense factors and preserving vital functions. So, bee venom has acquired valuable pharmacological properties, some of them man has learned to use since ancient times.

In addition to direct harm caused by the bee venom to the “enemy”,

it still has the property of giving a “danger signal” which activates the worker bees in the event of such danger. This is done with the help of volatile substances that are secreted by the poison. These substances quickly reach the organs of the scent of bees, resulting in a sharp increase in the aggressiveness of the bee family.

A lot of medicines have been taken from the treasury of folk medicine. Among them, bee venom – apitoxin (from the Latin word apis-bee and the Greek toxin – ad) is of particular interest. In folk medicine as a remedy not only bee honey, wax, but often bee venom was used. Many doctors consider bee venom curative, as it successfully passed the test of time, won the rights of citizenship, crossing the threshold of some clinics, hospitals and polyclinics. In pharmacies, you can buy drugs apitoxin in ampoules and in the form of ointments.

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Properties of bee venom