Apples smoked with honey

Apples smoked with honey

The year in our places is now apple. But there is a shortage of sugar. Has come here to me a neighbor, what, he says, do? The apples are missing. No, I answer, the good hostess will not be lost. Is it bad, for example, wet apple, which my grandmother used to eat all the kids. She did them so.

She selected strong, healthy fruits from late autumn and winter apple-trees, both Chinese and paradise apples went. I washed cleanly – absolutely. I scalded a clean and dry oak barrel with boiling water, put a layer of straw on the bottom, I remember, I preferred rye. On her, leaves of black currant, cherries, also carefully washed and scalded with boiling water. Apples were stacked in a barrel in rows, rows were also rusted with rye straw or leaves, so they would not crumple. Well, and for the flavor, of course. Above-a canvas, bottom and oppression, as when salting cabbage. Then the brine was poured into the barrel so

that the entire top layer was covered.

The trick was in the brine. Grandmother added homemade malt to it: blended flour, rye too, in cold water, and then boiled it with boiling water. For pouring for every 10 liters of water, put 100-150 g of salt, 200-300 g of sugar (or 400-500 g of honey) and 100 g of malt (2 tablespoons of flour, a little cold water and a glass of boiling water).

The first week, ten days, they kept a keg in the warm porch. Then they rolled out into the cellar, where he stood. If there were a lot of apples, drank in a few barrels, and enough until the spring. Just keep them in the cold and first watch the surface of the barrel: a bit of mold appeared – just remove it.

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Как лечить пчелиными укусами.
Apples smoked with honey