Getting bee venom

Getting bee venom

Young bee-toiler, just emerged from its waxy cradle, almost devoid of bee venom. Gradually, the stock of poison increases and the bee of the 2-week-old reaches its maximum number. An original method for obtaining bee venom is proposed. In a clean wide-necked glass jar, a large number of live bees are placed and covered with filter paper moistened with ether.

The ether vapor irritates the bees, and they release the poison to the walls and bottom of the vessel, as well as to nearby bees. After the bees under the influence of anesthesia are immersed in a deep sleep, the can walls are rinsed with water. The washing liquid is purified by filtration, the water is evaporated off; The remaining substance is a bee venom.

When stored for several months, its properties do not change. The bees are dried and allowed into the hive. However, this method has the following disadvantages: the bees do not give up the entire stock of poison; In addition, after anesthesia, washing and drying, some bees die, and finally, the resulting apitoxin is difficult to clean.

There are several other ways of obtaining bee venom, but they also have their drawbacks: one can not get a pure poison preparation or many bees die. Method of obtaining bee venom without harm to bees. The bee is taken with special tweezers for apitoxin therapy and applied with the belly to the slide.

The bee stings glass, that is, it releases the poison, while keeping the sting. It was possible to obtain up to 300 or more units of apitoxin per subject glass (the unit conditionally refers to the amount of poison released by a single bee). Then two glasses are applied with surfaces with poison to each other. In this form, they can even be sent in a conventional envelope by mail.

Instead of objective glasses for this purpose it is convenient to use celluloid, plastic and polyethylene plates. Crystalline apitoxin easily scraped off the plates, it can be weighed and accurately dosed. The thus obtained bee venom retains therapeutic activity for two years. To apply a crystalline apitoxin for medicinal purposes, a plate with poison should be lowered into distilled water. This apitoxin solution can be used for intradermal, subcutaneous, inhalation administration, electrophoresis, ointment preparation.

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Getting bee venom