Spring audit and cleaning of families

Spring audit and cleaning of families

All work is a spring audit and cleaning of families. The sequence of its conduct may be different. First, we determine the state of the families. Calm and confident circumnavigation of a strong family, a warm ceiling under the pillow indicate that there is a queen in the hive, which began egg-laying. About the same says and the arrival of the pollen in the beehive. The presence of the uterus in such families can not even be checked.

Families in which the uterus did not begin laying before flying around (a normal flight, but a cold ceiling, there are no bees carrying an update on that day) are taken to the note and checked 5-7 days after the flight, since with this bee keeping system part is excellent The overwintering families do not yet have brood.

After the upper casing (without disassembly, together with the ceiling and a warming cushion) is transferred to the spare overburden. By the weight of the hull, an approximate quantity of the food remaining in it is determined. The form of the upper bars of the frames and the side surface of the outer cell of the lower housing gives an idea of ​​the status of honeycombs and the family (the presence of bees in the lower housing, there is or is not a ragged frame, mold).

If the lower body is dry and clean, it is transferred to the overburden from the inspected or adjacent hive and covered with a roof or a canvas, then the stand is removed and the net and the tap are cleaned in the pavilion wall from the sink. Immediately, 2-3 pop-up fodder combs are set up

In the lower case until it is filled and replaced with a worn or moldy body with honeycombs.

Only in the presence of dirty frames of the lower housing can you check and replace the dirty honeycombs of the upper case with heated honeycomb honeycombs taken from the nests of families in the fall.

Such execution of this work requires little time, no more than 5-10 minutes per family, and the nest of bees does not cool down. After assembling the nest, the bees continue to work without feeling an inspection. But the hives are already clean.

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Spring audit and cleaning of families